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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Heirloom Apple Pie

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Cinnamon Rice Pudding Mix Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 1.00
Banana Dumplings with Toffee Sauce Australian Australian 1.00
The Great British Eccles Cake UK English 0.99
Dutch Oven Cobbler Belgian Dutch 0.99
Sweeney's Irish Soda Bread Irish Irish 0.99
Old Fashioned English Apple Pie With a Kiss and a Squeeze! UK Scottish 0.98
May's Applecake Scandinavian Swedish 0.98
7 1-2 Hour Rice Pudding (La Teurgoule) French French 0.98
Dutch Cake With Raisin Icing Belgian Dutch 0.98
Dutch Apple Bars Belgian Dutch 0.98
Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler Belgian Dutch 0.97
Applesauce Crescents Canadian Canadian 0.97
Dessert for Breakfast (Aka Caramel Apple Oatmeal) Canadian Canadian 0.97
Mexican Horchata Mexican Mexican 0.97
Strawberry Belgian Waffles Recipe Belgian Belgian 0.97
Arroz Doce (Portuguese Sweet Rice) Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.97
Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie Belgian Dutch 0.97
E.Z Apple Crumble UK English 0.97
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Canadian Canadian 0.97
Dorothy Smith Gooden's Apple Crisp Canadian Canadian 0.97
Apple Cobbler Canadian Canadian 0.97
1-2 Hour Raisin Pudding Canadian Canadian 0.97
Grandma Geldner's Apfel Kuchen (Apple Kuchen) Deutschland German 0.97
Blueberry Tea Cake Canadian Canadian 0.97
American-Style Irish Soda Bread With Raisins and Caraway Seed Irish Irish 0.97
Brian Brophy's Irish Soda Bread Irish Irish 0.97
Whole Wheat Pancakes 2010 Canadian Canadian 0.97
Apple Turnovers Canadian Canadian 0.97
Caraway Rye Bran Bread Canadian Canadian 0.97
Irish Bread Irish Irish 0.97
Irish Cinnamon Coffee Cake Irish Irish 0.97
Irish Soda Bread (Bread Machine) Irish Irish 0.97
Irish Soda Bread in a Cast Iron Skillet Irish Irish 0.97
Mile High Peaches and Cream Pie Canadian Canadian 0.96
Old Fashioned German Butter Roll Deutschland German 0.96
Crustless Apple Cinnamon Pie Canadian Canadian 0.95
Easy Praline Pear Pudding Canadian Canadian 0.95
Ultimate Banana Muffins! Canadian Canadian 0.95
Apple Cobbler Just for Two Canadian Canadian 0.95
Baked Barley Pudding Irish Irish 0.95
Cranberry-Poppy Seed-Orange Loaf Canadian Canadian 0.95
Irish Soda Popcorn Muffins Irish Irish 0.94
Pears Poached in Mead Irish Irish 0.94
Buttermilk and Sour Cherry Scones for Afternoon Tea and Picnics Irish Irish 0.94
Yet Another Banana Bread Canadian Canadian 0.94
Bavarian Coffee Cake Deutschland German 0.94
Russian Tea Cakes (No Nuts) Eastern European Russian 0.94
Russian Teacakes Eastern European Russian 0.94
Swedish Christmas Muffins Scandinavian Swedish 0.94
Bon Appetit Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes Scandinavian Swedish 0.94