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State-Of-The-Art Tomato Sandwich

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Jackfruit Vegan Tacos Mexican Mexican 0.91
South of the Border Pork Sandwiches Mexican Mexican 0.89
Beef and Vegetable Roundup South American Argentine 0.89
Teekhi-meethi Chutney Wala Bread Pakora Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.89
Hot Vegetarian Tacos Mexican Mexican 0.89
Cheddar Cheese and Chutney Toasted Doorstep Sandwich! UK Scottish 0.89
Asparagus Roll-ups Canadian Canadian 0.86
Prickly Pork Mexican Mexican 0.86
Barbecue Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.86
A Little Bit Spicy Deviled Eggs! UK English 0.85
Adzuki-Aduki Red Bean Veggie Burgers With Dulse Japanese Japanese 0.85
Roast Beef and Avocado Finger Sandwiches South American Argentine 0.85
Quick and Easy Black Bean and Cheese Tostadas Mexican Mexican 0.85
Grilled Beef Fajitas South American Argentine 0.85
Ww 3 Points - Grilled Beef Fajitas South American Argentine 0.85
Beef With Root Beer Sauce Sandwich Crock Pot South American Argentine 0.85
Meatloaf CXLIII Canadian Canadian 0.85
Sour Wiener Gravy Deutschland German 0.85
Trisha's Wedge Salad With Thousand Island Dressing Canadian Canadian 0.85
Slow Cooker Italian Beef Italian Italian 0.85
Sauerkraut for Hot Dogs Deutschland German 0.82
Hot Dog Sauerkraut Deutschland German 0.82
Rice Cooker Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.81
Simple and Easy Hot Dog Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.81
Soupe De Bonne Femme or Old Wives Soup French French 0.81
Mediterranean Lamb Burger With Greek Garnishes Greek Greek 0.81
Chilled Russian Salad Dressing Eastern European Russian 0.81
Broiled Roast Beef 'n Cheese English Muffins UK English 0.81
Roasted Tomato and Swiss Cheese Sandwich Deutschland Swiss 0.81
Swiss Dressing Deutschland Swiss 0.81
Turkey Stew Cacciatore Italian Italian 0.81
Inebriated Coleslaw Canadian Canadian 0.81
Crab Burgers Canadian Canadian 0.81
Panera Bread Tuna Salad Sandwich Canadian Canadian 0.81
Anna's Creamy Italian Vegetable Soup Italian Italian 0.81
Mario Batali's Spicy Chicken and Cheddar Quesadillas Canadian Canadian 0.80
Big Daddy's Thousand Island Dressing Canadian Canadian 0.80
Italian-Stuffed Burgers Italian Italian 0.80
Potatoes Tapas in Garlic Mayonnaise (Potatoes Aioli) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.80
Cabbage and Carrot Medley Irish Irish 0.80
Deviled Eggs Canadian Canadian 0.79
Guacamole With Swiss Cheese & Saltines (Appetizer) Deutschland Swiss 0.79
Pasta W- Spinach Tomato Alfredo Sauce Italian Italian 0.79
Baking Tray Tomato Tarts UK English 0.79
German Sweet Tomatoes With Spices Deutschland German 0.79
Stop & Go Tea Sandwiches UK English 0.79
Horseradish Mayonnaise(Vegan) Deutschland German 0.79
Asparagus With Hollandaise Sauce Belgian Dutch 0.79
Spanish Rice Bake Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.79
Crock Pot Tangy Italian Beef Sandwiches Italian Italian 0.79