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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Colorful Heirloom Bruschetta

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Eva's Mojito Caribbean Puerto Rican 0.92
White Bean and Pesto Bruschetta Italian Italian 0.92
White Bean Mash Australian Australian 0.92
French Dip Sandwiches (For Crock Pot) French French 0.91
Italian Roasted Garlic Soup Italian Italian 0.91
Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb With Garlicky White Beans Irish Irish 0.90
Chickpea Salad With Olives French French 0.90
Light Spam Gyro Meat Greek Greek 0.89
Gordon Ramsay's Salmon With Baked Herbs & Caramelized Lemons UK English 0.89
Mariquitas Salsa Caribbean Cuban 0.89
Herb Marinated Ostrich Australian Australian 0.89
Pistou Sauce or French Pesto ( Vegan ) French French 0.89
Broiled (Or Barbecued) Chicken With Lemon Greek Greek 0.89
Parmesan Dipping Seasoning for Bread Italian Italian 0.89
Sun-Dried Tomato Baked Brie Italian Italian 0.89
Marinated Manchego Cheese Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Tuscan Pork Roast Italian Italian 0.88
Salsa Verde Italian Italian 0.88
Italian Marinated Eggplant Italian Italian 0.88
BBQ or Roasted Spiced Leg of Lamb Canadian Canadian 0.88
Cauliflower With Garlic Sauce (Coliflor Al Ajaceite) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Barking Cauliflower Canadian Canadian 0.87
Juicy Roast Turkey Canadian Canadian 0.87
Rice Cooker Polenta Italian Italian 0.87
Rack of Lamb With Mint Gremolata Italian Italian 0.87
Florentine Style Steak -- Bistecca Alla Fiorentina Italian Italian 0.87
Italian Dipping Oil (for Bread) Italian Italian 0.87
Bread Dipping Olive Oil (Similar to Bravo) Italian Italian 0.86
Turkey Legs Braised in Red Wine Italian Italian 0.86
Porchetta - Italian Marketplace Pulled Pork Sandwich (Crock Pot) Italian Italian 0.86
Tomatoes Provencale Canadian Canadian 0.86
Garlic Olive Oil Plate With Capers Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.85
Zuppa Di Pan Cotto Italian Italian 0.85
Italian Herb Dipping Oil Italian Italian 0.85
Wildfire Horseradish Crusted Pork Chops Canadian Canadian 0.85
NOMATO SAUCE in the Instant Pot; AIP Paleo Italian Italian 0.85
White Bean Bruschetta Italian Italian 0.85
Zesty Potato Topping for Focaccia Italian Italian 0.85
Italian Bread Garden Loaf Italian Italian 0.85
Rotisserie Italian Pork Loin W- Garlic and Rosemary Italian Italian 0.85
Crusty Rack of Lamb With Parsley Canadian Canadian 0.85
Marinara Sauce (Quick) Italian Italian 0.85
Italian Sausage, Sicilian Style Italian Italian 0.85
Falafel Croquettes Canadian Canadian 0.85
Thick-Crusted Garlic Prime Rib Canadian Canadian 0.85
Carrots Provencal Canadian Canadian 0.85
Tuscan Herb Rub Italian Italian 0.85
Barbecue - Marinade Canadian Canadian 0.85
Grilled Antelope Steak Canadian Canadian 0.85
Red River Rub Canadian Canadian 0.85