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Hot Russian

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Okura and Sakura Shrimp Japanese-Style Spaghetti Japanese Japanese 1.00
Niku Jyaga Japanese Japanese 0.89
SUDS 'N GRUB (Grill-Roasted Root Veggies) Canadian Canadian 0.88
Izakaya Sakura Niku Jyaga (Japanese Beef Stew) Japanese Japanese 0.87
Italian Broccoli Italian Italian 0.87
Sauteed Shrimp and Arborio Risotto Stella Artois Asparagus Tips Belgian Belgian 0.87
Portuguese Steamed Clams Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.87
Chicken With Spinach, Garlic and Tomato Sauce Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.86
Stir Fry Maitake Mushroom & Beef With Oyster Sauce South American Argentine 0.84
Lobster Barraca Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.83
Vegan Lancashire Hot Pot UK English 0.83
Yakitori Kebabs With Chicken and Vegetables Japanese Japanese 0.83
Thyme and Mushroom Gravy UK English 0.83
Creamy Pea & Chive Pearl Barley Risotto (Reduced Fat) Italian Italian 0.83
Cozze (Mussels) Italian Italian 0.83
Simple Spicey Red Pasta Sauce Italian Italian 0.82
Fat-Free, No Oil Cabbage Rolls (Japanese Style) Japanese Japanese 0.82
Kimpira (Braised Burdock Root and Carrot) Japanese Japanese 0.82
Buri (Yellowtail) Teriyaki Japanese Japanese 0.82
Greatest Chips (French Fries) on Earth Australian Australian 0.82
St. Vincent Sweet Potato Chips Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.82
Japanese Pork and Peppers Japanese Japanese 0.82
Rajas Con Cerveza (Pepper Strips With Beer and Cheese) Mexican Mexican 0.82
Sweet Potatoes Simmered With Hijiki Japanese Japanese 0.82
El Chi Pi Chi Pi (A Puerto Rican Rum Drink) Caribbean Puerto Rican 0.82
Spinach Rice Japanese Japanese 0.82
Mako Tofu Steak Japanese Japanese 0.82
Chile Pepper Vodka Mexican Mexican 0.82
Yakitori Chicken Japanese Japanese 0.82
Minced Pork Noodles (Negi to Buta-Niku No Itame) Japanese Japanese 0.82
X-Rated Nectar Martini Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.82
Zester Chips Australian Australian 0.82
Niku-Jaga (Flavoured Meat and Potatoes) Japanese Japanese 0.82
Low-Fat Home-Made Oven Chips Australian Australian 0.82
Japanese Style Chicken Marinade Japanese Japanese 0.82
Roasted Fresh Chilies Like Poblanos Jalapenos Bell Peppers.. Mexican Mexican 0.82
Toshiko's Broccoli Salad Japanese Japanese 0.82
Jamaican Mangotini Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.82
Slow-Cooked Soy Chicken Australian New Zealander 0.82
Crispy-Fried Shallots Australian New Zealander 0.82
Braised Beef Spare Ribs South American Argentine 0.82
Frieten (Belgian Fries) Belgian Belgian 0.82
Frozen French Fries French French 0.82
Wine Braised Leeks With Red Pepper & Shiitakes UK Welsh 0.82
Baked French Fries French French 0.82
Healthier French Fries and Budget Friendly French French 0.82
Baked Sausages With Leeks, Apples and Cider UK English 0.82
Marinated Pork Medallions Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.82
Bifanas De Porco Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.82
Easy Vegetarian French Onion Soup French French 0.82