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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Sloppy Joes for 45

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Great Grandma's Bread Stuffing US US 0.96
Fresh Homemade Kielbasa Eastern European Polish 0.96
Barnwell School Chiliburgers Canadian Canadian 0.96
Hot German Potato Salad for the Weight Watcher or Diet Deutschland German 0.95
Easy BBQ Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.95
Spiced Spanish Almonds Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Pickled Garlic with Hot Pepper Canadian Canadian 0.94
Carrol's Beef Stew South American Argentine 0.94
Spinach-Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf Italian Italian 0.94
Big John's B B Q Pot Roast Canadian Canadian 0.94
Mennonite Roasted Pig Tails and Ribs Canadian Canadian 0.94
Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing Canadian Canadian 0.94
Fresh Tomato Marinara Sauce Italian Italian 0.94
Potatoes Sarladaises French French 0.94
Scottish Skirlie Fried Cakes UK Scottish 0.94
Panhandle Beef Brisket South American Argentine 0.94
German Potato Salad - Microwave Deutschland German 0.94
Spanish Spirals Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Matthews Irish Stew With Guinness, Dumplings and Colcannon Mash Irish Irish 0.93
Crock Pot Italian Roast Beef Italian Italian 0.93
Sweet Baked Beans Canadian Canadian 0.93
Homemade Spicy Pepperoni Italian Italian 0.93
Ukrainian Pirohi - Aka Varenyky Eastern European Polish 0.93
Yet Another German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.93
Katherine's Hot German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.93
Tangy German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.93
German Hot Noodle Salad Deutschland German 0.92
German Potato Salad II Deutschland German 0.92
Old Time Baked Beans Canadian Canadian 0.92
Oven Spareribs Canadian Canadian 0.92
Mimi's Fantastic Thick Spaghetti Sauce Italian Italian 0.92
German Style Pickled Eggs Deutschland German 0.92
Oven German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.92
Simply German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.92
Hot German Potato Salad (Crock Pot) Deutschland German 0.91
Hot German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.91
Bratwurst Sausage With Confetti Cabbage Stir-Fry Canadian Canadian 0.91
Kosher Jewish Pickles Italian Italian 0.91
Finnish Cucumber Salad Scandinavian Finnish 0.91
Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes Canadian Canadian 0.91
T - Bone Steaks With Garlic Butter Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.91
Tourtiere Canadian Canadian 0.91
Spanish Hamburger ( Sloppy Joes ) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Wilted Lettuce And Spinach Irish Irish 0.90
Balsamic Spritzer Italian Italian 0.90
Warm German Salad Deutschland German 0.90
German Potato Salad from Grandma Eva Deutschland German 0.90
Sauteed Eggplant With Tomatoes and Balsamic Vinegar Italian Italian 0.90
Roasted Pepper Soup UK English 0.90
Simplest Braised Cabbage - Low Carb Scandinavian Swedish 0.90