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Italian Breaded Chicken

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Thai Fried Chicken Thai Thai 0.94
Mom's Easy Enchilada Casserole Mexican Mexican 0.94
Italian Bacon Wrap Chicken Breast Italian Italian 0.94
Italian Panko "fried" Chicken Italian Italian 0.94
Meatloaf Sensation Mexican Mexican 0.89
5-Minute(Prep) Chicken Pot Pie UK English 0.89
Italian Cream Cheese Chicken Italian Italian 0.89
Ma. Cristina's Tortilla Eggs Mexican Mexican 0.88
Mexican Scramble Mexican Mexican 0.88
Individual Tex-Mex Meatloaves Mexican Mexican 0.88
Ginger Mustard Chicken Sauté French French 0.88
Low Cal French Toast French French 0.88
Beef Pie With Rice a Roni South American Argentine 0.88
Healthy French Toast French French 0.88
Speedy French Toast French French 0.88
Egg and Cress Sandwiches UK English 0.88
Italian Square Meatballs Italian Italian 0.88
Easy Mustard Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.88
Easy Baked Italian Chicken Italian Italian 0.88
Cheese-Filled Italian Meat Loaves Italian Italian 0.88
Slow Cooker Tangy Italian Beef Sandwiches Italian Italian 0.87
Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breasts Italian Italian 0.86
Cape Breton Meat Pie Canadian Canadian 0.85
Heather's Crock Pot Italian Beef Italian Italian 0.84
Spicy Luncheon Roll Canadian Canadian 0.84
Scandinavian Meatballs and Gravy Scandinavian Swedish 0.83
Leberknödelsuppe (Bavarian Liver Dumpling Soup) Deutschland German 0.82
Blue Cheese Beef Wellingtons South American Argentine 0.82
Phyllo Squares Greek Greek 0.82
Breaded Pork Chops (My Way) Deutschland Austrian 0.82
Breidi's Italian-Seasoned Roast Beef South American Argentine 0.82
Katletki Eastern European Russian 0.82
Italian Quinoa, Chicken and Roasted Veggie Salad Italian Italian 0.82
French Fried Chicken French French 0.82
Panadlsuppe Deutschland Austrian 0.82
Kathy's Hot Roast Beef South American Argentine 0.82
Taco Beef and Rice Pie South American Argentine 0.82
Parmesan-Breaded Baby Lamb Chops Italian Italian 0.82
30 Minute Mini Meatloaves Italian Italian 0.82
Open-Face Danish Ham and Egg Sandwich Scandinavian Danish 0.82
Polish Bread Soup (Zupa Chlebowa) Eastern European Polish 0.82
Collier’s Pie UK English 0.82
Chicken and Bacon Burgers UK English 0.82
Microwave Italian Meatball Sandwiches for 2 Italian Italian 0.82
Simply Lasagna Italian Italian 0.82
Italian Meatball Sandwich Italian Italian 0.82
Pork Schnitzel Deutschland German 0.82
Domesticated Italian Oven Fried Chicken Italian Italian 0.82
Italian Chicken Strips Italian Italian 0.82
Conti Family Meatballs (Sicilian Twist) Italian Italian 0.82