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Tarta De Almendras (Almond Tart)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
French Pudding French French 0.98
Coffee Madeleines French French 0.96
Mexican Almonds Cakes Mexican Mexican 0.96
Pistachio Biscotti (Diabetic) Italian Italian 0.96
Mean Chef'sflan De Almendras (Almond Flan), Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.96
Snappy Turtles Canadian Canadian 0.96
Granny Sybil's Banana Bread Canadian Canadian 0.96
Peanut Butter Cake 1960 Canadian Canadian 0.95
Sticky Toffee Pudding Irish Irish 0.95
Chocolava Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.95
Banana-nut Cake Canadian Canadian 0.95
Pawpaw Chiffon Pie Canadian Canadian 0.95
Old Fashioned Raspberry Buns (Scottish) UK Scottish 0.94
Strawberry Clafouti French French 0.94
Spitzbuben (Swiss Jam Cookies) Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Norwegen Cookies - Berlinerkranzer Scandinavian Norwegian 0.94
French Kisses French French 0.94
Tangerine Souffle French French 0.94
The Negus Deutschland Austrian 0.94
Italian Frittella Italian Italian 0.94
Swedish Almond Macaroons Scandinavian Swedish 0.94
Lemon Cloud Pie UK English 0.94
Cranberry Curd UK English 0.94
Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies With Lemon Verbena UK English 0.94
Three layer Pineapple squares Canadian Canadian 0.94
Butter Topping for Coffee Cake Deutschland German 0.94
Ambrosia Cake (Ambrosiakakku) Scandinavian Swedish 0.94
Buttermilk Bannock Irish Irish 0.94
Ethereal Lemon Pie Canadian Canadian 0.94
Spotted Dog Irish Irish 0.94
Irish Oatmeal Cookies Irish Irish 0.94
Fleisch Perisky ( Meat Buns) Deutschland German 0.94
Cranberry Loaf With a Hiccup Recipe Canadian Canadian 0.94
N .y. C. Irish Soda Bread Irish Irish 0.94
Banana Muffins Canadian Canadian 0.94
Burgermeister Meisterburger Almond Kringle Deutschland German 0.94
Canadian Mennonite Relief Sale Cream Buns Canadian Canadian 0.94
Canadian Living's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.93
Hazelnut Torte for Diabetic Diet Canadian Canadian 0.93
Fudgy Brownies 1968 Canadian Canadian 0.93
Orange Scones UK English 0.93
Baci Di Dama (Almond Cookies) Italian Italian 0.93
Greek Butter Cookies Greek Greek 0.93
Pasta Frolla--Italian Sweet Pastry Dough Italian Italian 0.93
Tuscan Apple Cake With a Crackly Meringue Italian Italian 0.93
La Crême Caramel French French 0.93
Easy Brown Bread Ice Cream Belgian Dutch 0.93
Little Dutch Tarts Belgian Dutch 0.93
Crock Pot Creme Brulee French French 0.93
Boterkoek (Dutch Butter Cake) Belgian Dutch 0.93