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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Pumpkin - Gingerbread Streusel Cake

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Rustic Lemon Poppy Seed Scones UK English 0.99
Holiday Mincemeat Cake Canadian Canadian 0.99
Pouding Du Chômeur -- Vanilla Cake With Caramel Topping Canadian Canadian 0.99
Pumpkin Pecan Empanaditas (Mini Empanadas) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.99
Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread Irish Irish 0.98
Irish Soda Bread with Raisins and Caraway Irish Irish 0.98
Milk Chocolate Bavarian Cream With Pine Nut Crumble Canadian Canadian 0.98
Irish Sticky Pudding Irish Irish 0.98
Irish Soda Muffins Irish Irish 0.98
Noe Valley Bakery Blueberry Pecan Scones UK English 0.98
Judy's Cheddar Apple Muffins Canadian Canadian 0.97
Lemon Waffles Canadian Canadian 0.97
Irish Soda Bread With Raisins Irish Irish 0.97
Apple Almond Cake Canadian Canadian 0.97
Choco - Nut - Cupcakes Canadian Canadian 0.97
Harvest Streusel Coffee Cake Canadian Canadian 0.97
Marzipan Squares 1968 Canadian Canadian 0.97
Ricotta Pancakes With Banana-pecan Syrup Canadian Canadian 0.97
Irish Creme Delights Irish Irish 0.97
Cinnamon Sugar Crinkles Canadian Canadian 0.97
Chocolava Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.97
Banana-nut Cake Canadian Canadian 0.97
Lemon Ginger Loaf With Apricot Glaze Canadian Canadian 0.97
Blueberry Brunch Cake Canadian Canadian 0.97
Traditional Scottish Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies - Biscuits UK Scottish 0.97
Simple Shortbread UK Scottish 0.97
Browned Butter Shortbread UK Scottish 0.97
Swiss mocha sauce for boston cream pie Deutschland Swiss 0.97
Brown Sugar Shortbread UK Scottish 0.97
Butter Pastry Dough (Gourmet Magazine) French French 0.97
Fairy Butter - Floral Butter With Rose or Orange Blossom Water UK English 0.97
Norwegian Butter Cookies (Spritz) Scandinavian Norwegian 0.97
Italian Meringue Buttercream Italian Italian 0.97
Peg McGeouch's Scottish Shortbread UK Scottish 0.97
Mean Chef's Classic Shortbread Cookies UK Scottish 0.97
Buttercrunch Shortbread UK Scottish 0.97
Coconut Ice Cooked Version UK English 0.97
French Vanilla Cocoa Mix in a Jar French French 0.97
Uncle Bill's Pea Filling for Pyrahi Eastern European Russian 0.97
Adriana's Mizithra - Greek "cottage Cheese" Greek Greek 0.97
Five Minute Homemade Ricotta Italian Italian 0.97
Tra Vigne Biscotti Italian Italian 0.97
Dutch Borstplaat - Easy, Simple, Basic Fudge Belgian Dutch 0.97
Milk Soup (Made With Pudding or Blancmange Powder) Deutschland German 0.97
Ricotta Pure and Simple Italian Italian 0.97
Rich and Creamy Ricotta Italian Italian 0.97
Butter Beer (Alcoholic) Irish Irish 0.97
(My) Dad's Oatmeal Cookies Canadian Canadian 0.97
Sucre La Creme Canadian Canadian 0.97
Orange Sherbet Canadian Canadian 0.97