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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Winter Beef Stew With Apricots and Prunes

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Althea's Blackberry Sauce Australian Australian 0.90
Christmas Ice Cream Pudding Australian Australian 0.90
Glazed Ham With Peach-Ginger Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.90
Mulled Zin (Holiday Zinfandel Wine Punch) UK Scottish 0.90
German Rotkohl - Spiced Red Cabbage With Apples and Wine Deutschland German 0.89
Green Tomato Mincemeat Canadian Canadian 0.89
Pork for Peasants Deutschland Austrian 0.88
Polish Baked Ham (Szynka Pieczona) Eastern European Polish 0.88
Mamooshka Marinade for Poultry Canadian Canadian 0.88
Cider-glazed Sweet Potatoes With Cranberries Canadian Canadian 0.87
Crock Pot Braised Lamb Shanks Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.87
Poached Pears in Australian Shiraz Australian Australian 0.87
Bahama Shrimp Skewers Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.87
Liqueur De Poire (Pear Liqueur) French French 0.87
Apidea - Greek Pear Dessert Greek Greek 0.87
Potato Pancakes - Latkes (Low-Fat Baked Version) Deutschland German 0.87
Catherine's Wammy a Halloween Adult Drink Irish Irish 0.87
Spicy Chicken and Zucchini Risotto Italian Italian 0.87
Hot Mulled Wine Deutschland German 0.87
Gluehwein Deutschland German 0.87
Bohemian Sauerkraut Eastern European Czech 0.87
Glühwein (German Mulled Wine) Deutschland German 0.85
Winter Fruit Chutney Canadian Canadian 0.85
Small-Batch Almanac Pear Butter Canadian Canadian 0.84
Feuerzangenbowle (Burnt Punch, Traditional German Beverage) Deutschland German 0.84
Krupnik (Fire Vodka) Eastern European Polish 0.84
Sweet & Sour Carrot Compote With Cumin Canadian Canadian 0.84
Polish Fire Vodka (Krupnik) (Spiced Honey Vodka) Eastern European Polish 0.84
Warm Red Cabbage Salad With Pecans Deutschland German 0.84
Bayerische Schweinekoteletts (Pork Chops Bavarian Style) Deutschland German 0.84
Rhineland Sauerbraten Deutschland German 0.84
Apple Drink With Absolut Vanilia Scandinavian Swedish 0.84
Rot Kohl - German Red Cabbage (Crock Pot) Deutschland German 0.84
Cabbage and Bratwurst Deutschland German 0.84
Tomato Marmalade Canadian Canadian 0.84
Gluhwein - German Hot Spiced Wine Deutschland German 0.83
Crock Pot Ham Canadian Canadian 0.83
Apple Chutney Canadian Canadian 0.83
Tandoori Cauliflower - You'll be amazed at how good this is! Canadian Canadian 0.83
Yam 'n Butternut Squash Mash Canadian Canadian 0.83
Bavarian Pot Roast Deutschland German 0.83
Plum Chutney Canadian Canadian 0.82
Cranberry Tea Hot Punch Canadian Canadian 0.82
Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Potatoes for the (Lazy Chef) Crock Pot Irish Irish 0.82
German Sauerbraten With Spiced Applesauce Clay Cooker Deutschland German 0.82
Grandma Horner's Dutch Apple Butter Belgian Dutch 0.82
Spiced Scandinavian Mulled Wine (Glögg) Scandinavian Swedish 0.82
Cumberland Sauce Irish Irish 0.82
German Rollmops (rollmopse) Deutschland German 0.82
Crock Pot Beef, Burgundy Style South American Argentine 0.82