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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Spicy Beef Sandwich

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Mexican Potato Sausage Casserole Mexican Mexican 1.00
French Dips With Swiss Deutschland Swiss 1.00
Cheesy Chicken Casserole Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 1.00
Tuscany Soup Italian Italian 0.98
Potluck Potatoes - Slow Cooker Canadian Canadian 0.98
Sausage-And-Pepper Frittata Italian Italian 0.96
Mozzarella & Chorizo Omelet for One Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.96
Walt Disney's Roast Beef Hash South American Argentine 0.96
French Onions on a Half Shell French French 0.96
Ground Beef Colby Cheese Enchiladas South American Argentine 0.96
Simply Delish Potato Squares #5FIX Eastern European Russian 0.96
Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich South American Argentine 0.96
The Shepherd Found Another Pie UK English 0.96
Potato and Pepper Frittata Italian Italian 0.96
Spinach Cheese Pie Italian Italian 0.96
Italian Breakfast Bake #5FIX Italian Italian 0.96
Fluffy Omelette With Ham, Spinach and Swiss Cheese Deutschland Swiss 0.96
Potato, Egg and Ham Bake (Bauern Frühstuck) Deutschland German 0.96
Bierochs in a Pan Eastern European Czech 0.96
Grandma's Cream of Potato Soup or Broccoli Soup Eastern European Czech 0.96
Huevos Serranos Mountain Eggs Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.96
Italian Appetizer Bites Italian Italian 0.96
Crock Pot Little Red Rooster Breakfast Canadian Canadian 0.96
Feline Familia Food (Italian Cat Treats) Italian Italian 0.96
Bauernfrühstück Deutschland German 0.96
Bacon and Egg Pie Canadian Canadian 0.96
Polish Potato Oven Omelet Eastern European Polish 0.96
Ultimate Muffuletta Italian Italian 0.95
Hearty German Farmer's Breakfast (Bauernfruhstuck) Deutschland German 0.95
Hearty and Healthy Potato Soup Canadian Canadian 0.95
Rakott Krumpli (Hungarian Layered Potatoes) Eastern European Hungarian 0.95
Roasted French Onion - Onion French French 0.94
La Madeleine's Country Potato Soup (Copycat) French French 0.94
Mini Reuben Turnovers (Pillsbury) Eastern European Russian 0.94
Crab and Swiss Delight Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Rosti With Gruyere Cheese Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Danish Bubble Scandinavian Danish 0.94
My Kapusta (Polish Cabbage Soup) Eastern European Polish 0.94
Creamy Ricotta Florentine French Bread Pizzas French French 0.94
Swiss and Vegetable Quiche Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Reubens with Stoneground Mustard Irish Irish 0.94
Asparagus With Ham and Eggs Belgian Dutch 0.94
Stomppot Zuurkool Belgian Dutch 0.94
German-Style Sausage Pizza Deutschland German 0.94
Italian Deli Rollers Italian Italian 0.94
Reuben Panini Deutschland German 0.94
Dutch Oven Breakfast Bake Belgian Dutch 0.94
Spanish Scramble Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Pictou County Hodge Podge. Canadian Canadian 0.94
Italian Fettuccine Pie Italian Italian 0.94