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Quick and Light Cockaleekie Soup (Chicken and Leek)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Long Beans Stir-Fried With Silk Squash and Cloud Ear Mushrooms UK English 0.65
Celery Soup UK Scottish 0.64
The Memsahib's Mulligatawny Soup: Anglo-Indian Curried Soup UK English 0.63
Cold Weather Hotpot UK English 0.63
Scottish Beef in Whisky Sauce UK Scottish 0.62
Shrimp and Crab Scampi UK English 0.60
Quick Turkey and Lentil Curry UK English 0.59
Smoked Haddock, Leek and Potato Broth UK English 0.59
Rannoch Smokery Cold Smoked Beef Crostini UK Scottish 0.59
Sweet and Sour Lamb (Egurdouce) UK English 0.59
Shakespearean Barley Fruit Soup UK English 0.59
Welsh Lamb Stew (Cawl) UK Welsh 0.59
Soupe aux legumes de l'hiver UK Scottish 0.59
Puffdaloons UK Welsh 0.59
Truffle Sauce UK English 0.59
Fish Soup - Chowder UK English 0.58
Chicken, Fennel and Tomato Ragout UK English 0.58
Stuffed Brie UK UK 0.58
Grandma's Wassail UK English 0.58
Sandy Potatoes -- Pommes De Terre Sablees UK English 0.58
Coronation Chicken II UK English 0.58
Mince & Tatties UK Scottish 0.57
Mulligatawny Soup ( Chicken ) UK English 0.57
Simple and Healthy Veggie Soup UK English 0.57
Chicken With Lemon, Mustard and Tarragon UK English 0.57
Norfolk Turkey Breast With Asparagus UK English 0.57
Flaming Garlic and Whisky Gambas! (King Prawns - Giant Shrimp) UK Scottish 0.57
Granny's Broth (Cawl Mam-gu) Welsh UK Welsh 0.57
Spicy Red Fish Stew UK Scottish 0.57
Old Thyme Turkey Scotch Broth With Barley, Beans and Lentils UK Scottish 0.56
Cock a Leekie Soup UK Scottish 0.56
Champagne Brunch UK Scottish 0.56
Cock a Leekie Soup UK Scottish 0.56
Beef Pockets (Steaks Stuffed With Mushrooms Filling) UK Scottish 0.56
James Martin - Field Mushrooms & Taleggio on Bruschetta UK English 0.56
Creamy Sweet Potato With Ginger Soup UK UK 0.56
Celebration Hot Rum Buttered Cider - Cider Hot Toddy UK Scottish 0.55
Scottish Slumpie UK Scottish 0.55
Ghurka Chicken Cardamom Curry - Kukhra Alainchi Sanga UK English 0.55
Leek Soup with Roasted Garlic and Parmesan UK English 0.55
Scottish Harvest Festival Soup UK Scottish 0.55
Pembroke Sausage Special UK English 0.55
Kedgeree UK English 0.55
Creamy Chicken and Pumpkin UK English 0.55
Cheese Sauce (Welsh Rabbit) UK Welsh 0.54
Fragrant Steamed Mussels in Vermouth With Herbs and Shallots UK English 0.54
Bungalow Bill's But 'n' Ben Onion Soup UK Scottish 0.54
Gardener's Pie UK English 0.54
Vegetarian Cock-A-Leekie Soup UK Scottish 0.54
Welsh Rarebit With Rabbit UK Welsh 0.54