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Cock a Leekie Soup

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Ground Beef Lo Mein South American Argentine 0.98
Chicken Pasta Sauce Italian Italian 0.98
Empanadas - Antioquia, Colombia South American Colombian 0.98
Indian Potato Pancakes Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.98
Carne Adovada Mexican Mexican 0.98
Seasoned Ground Beef - OAMC South American Argentine 0.98
Crock Pot Pulled Pork for Tacos Mexican Mexican 0.98
Italian-Style Roast Beef Sandwiches South American Argentine 0.98
Homemade Mettwurst Deutschland German 0.98
Borracho Chicken ( Drunken - Beer Can Chicken ) Irish Irish 0.98
Monkeyboy's Marinated Pork Loin Deutschland German 0.98
Spiessbraten, Idar-Oberstein Style Deutschland German 0.98
Simple Ranch House Meatloaf Canadian Canadian 0.98
Hot Italian Sausage "venison" Italian Italian 0.98
Traditional Christmas Meat Pie Canadian Canadian 0.97
Red Potato Soup Canadian Canadian 0.96
Spanish Rice Soup Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Italian Chicken (Crock Pot- Slow Cooker) Italian Italian 0.95
Beefy Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Italian Chicken (Crock-Pot) Italian Italian 0.95
Italian Chicken and Wild Rice Italian Italian 0.95
Turkey Casserole " Christmas in April" Canadian Canadian 0.95
Boulettes Francaise (Meatballs in White Sauce) Canadian Canadian 0.95
Homemade Bratwurst Deutschland German 0.95
Paul Prudhomme's Hot German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.94
Turkey Meatball Soup Canadian Canadian 0.94
Chicken With Balsamic Tomato Sauce and Goat Cheese Italian Italian 0.94
Irish Stew Irish Irish 0.94
Halupki (stuffed cabbage rolls) Eastern European Polish 0.93
Omelet for Two Canadian Canadian 0.93
Old World Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.93
Chicken Soup to Die For Eastern European Polish 0.93
Bayrischer Leberkaese Deutschland German 0.93
Beef and Potatoes With Rosemary and Thyme - Crock Pot Canadian Canadian 0.93
Canadian Living's Mushroom Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.93
Fort Stanwix Beef (Or Veal) Stew South American Argentine 0.93
Roti and Beef Curry South American Argentine 0.93
Italian 1 Pot Meal Italian Italian 0.93
Polish Pierogi (Sauerkraut & Meat Filling) Eastern European Polish 0.93
Braised Pigeons W- Crushed Wheat Stuffing Canadian Canadian 0.93
Knoephla-Knepfla Soup Deutschland German 0.93
Gretchen's Hot Italian Soup Italian Italian 0.93
Quick Chicken Pie Canadian Canadian 0.93
German Pancake Soup Deutschland German 0.93
Potato Pancakes Polish Eastern European Polish 0.93
Roast Pork for the Clay Cooker Canadian Canadian 0.93
Hangover Soup Canadian Canadian 0.93
Ground Beef, Spinach and Barley Soup South American Argentine 0.93
French Dip Roast French French 0.93
Leek Pasty (Pastai Cennin) UK Welsh 0.93