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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Oven-dried Beef Jerky

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Beef Jerky South American Argentine 0.92
Soya Sauce Chicken, Honey and Ginger Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Thai Beef Satay Thai Thai 0.91
Country Style Pork Ribs Adobong Southeast Asian Filipino 0.91
How to Make Chicken Fly Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.90
Huevos Haminados (Sephardic Jewish-Style Eggs) Northern Africa Moroccan 0.90
Broiled Chicken with Oil, Lemon, and Garlic Sauce Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.90
Touch of Thai Apricot Chicken Thai Thai 0.90
Pakistani or Desi Style Spicy Chili Chicken Indian Subcontinent Pakistani 0.90
Chipotle's Barbacoa Copycat Recipe Mexican Mexican 0.90
Steaks in Garlic Lime Marinade (Palomilla) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.90
Chesapeake Greek Chicken Greek Greek 0.90
Grilled Oregano Chicken (Kotopoulo Riganato tes Skaras) Greek Greek 0.90
Garlic Aioli Greek Greek 0.90
Backpacker's Beef Jerky South American Argentine 0.90
Greek Pork Chops Greek Greek 0.90
Greek Pork Loin Greek Greek 0.90
Low Fat Greek Salad Dressing(Ww) Greek Greek 0.89
Well Chutney my Chicken on a BBQ Canadian Canadian 0.89
Best Ever Caesar Salad Dressing!!!! Canadian Canadian 0.89
Pollo Oreganato (Oregano Chicken) Italian Italian 0.87
Spicy Jerky South American Argentine 0.87
Rao's Famous Lemon Chicken Italian Italian 0.87
Calgary Barbecue (Bbq) Moppin' Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.87
Great Marinated Grilled Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.87
Charcoal Grilled Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.87
Kalamata Chicken Italian Italian 0.87
Tuscan Tuna and White Bean Sandwiches Italian Italian 0.87
Ellinikos Lemoni Patatas (Greek Lemon Potatoes) Greek Greek 0.87
Robyn's Italian Baked Wing Dings Italian Italian 0.86
Grilled Italian Chicken Breast Fillets Italian Italian 0.86
Baton Rouge Brisket Shake-Up Irish Irish 0.86
Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings Canadian Canadian 0.86
Uncle Luke Beans (Judías Blancas a Lo Tío Lucas) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.86
Swedish Grilled Kebabs Scandinavian Swedish 0.85
No-Fuss Swiss Steak Deutschland Swiss 0.85
Chorizo Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.85
Lamb Cutlets With Honey, Apricots and Tarragon Irish Irish 0.85
Sliced Eggs with Green Sauce Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.85
Simple Italian Grilled Chicken Italian Italian 0.85
Vueltas de Carne Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.85
BBQ Chicken With a Zing Canadian Canadian 0.85
Sutton Place House Salad Dressing Canadian Canadian 0.84
Grilled Chicken With Orange Gremolata Italian Italian 0.84
Ww Italian Spicy Chicken Italian Italian 0.84
Grilled Ginger Garlic Chicken Breasts Canadian Canadian 0.84
Pinxtos Morunos: Grilled Lamb Marinated in Cumin, Lemon and Saff Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.84
Pinchos (Spanish Kebabs-Tapas - Pork, Lamb, Prawns or Chicken) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.83
Italian Style Crock Pot Pork Loins Italian Italian 0.83
David's Beef Marinade South American Argentine 0.83