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Spicy Red Fish Stew

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
British Almond Soup UK UK 0.85
Heinz 57 Sauce UK English 0.80
Spicy Bean Stew With Sausages UK English 0.78
Granny Glen's Scotch Broth UK Scottish 0.78
Nut Flavoured Vegetable Curry UK English 0.77
Chip Shop Curry Sauce UK English 0.77
Spicy Cranberry Chutney UK UK 0.76
Mixed Pulses Casserole UK English 0.76
British Baked Beans UK UK 0.76
Pea and Mint Soup UK English 0.76
Chowning's Tavern Welsh Rarebit W- Beer UK Welsh 0.75
Scottish Sheena Stew UK Scottish 0.75
Cullen Skink UK Scottish 0.75
Cullen Skink UK Scottish 0.75
Creamy Pork With Mushrooms and Shallots UK English 0.75
Lamb Chops With Rosemary Beans - Fast & Simple! UK English 0.75
Cawl (Traditional Welsh Broth) UK English 0.74
Gardener's Pie UK English 0.74
Braised Lamb With Anchovies UK English 0.73
Best Beef Stew UK English 0.73
Leek and Bean Soup UK English 0.73
Shakespearean Barley Fruit Soup UK English 0.73
Celery, Stilton & Walnut Soup UK English 0.73
Spiced Lentil and Roasted Vegetable Soup UK English 0.73
Vegetable Soup With Creamed Corn UK Welsh 0.73
Welsh Rarebit I UK Welsh 0.72
Welsh Lamb Stew (Cawl) UK Welsh 0.72
Lancaster Chicken Soup UK English 0.72
Leek and Mushroom Soup 1979 UK English 0.72
The Memsahib's Mulligatawny Soup: Anglo-Indian Curried Soup UK English 0.72
Royal Velvet Chicken Soup UK English 0.72
Mince & Tatties UK Scottish 0.71
Cawl (Welsh Stew) UK Welsh 0.71
A Scotsman's Shepherd Pie UK Scottish 0.71
Spiced Beef Soup UK English 0.71
Spiced Red Cabbage UK English 0.71
Sausage Casserole With Savoy Cabbage and Butter Beans UK English 0.71
Winter Leek and Potato Soup UK Welsh 0.70
Better Beans on Toast UK English 0.70
Bungalow Bill's But 'n' Ben Onion Soup UK Scottish 0.70
Stilton Cauliflower Soup UK English 0.69
Rich Pork Casserole UK English 0.69
Old English a Hot Mulled Cider UK English 0.69
Creamed Rice With Maple Syrup UK English 0.69
Curried Zucchini Soup UK English 0.69
Lamb Cutlets Reform by Alexis Soyer: Sweet and Sour Lamb Cutlets UK Scottish 0.69
Scottish Oaty Vegetable Soup UK Scottish 0.69
Chicken With Lemon, Mustard and Tarragon UK English 0.69
Simple Chicken and Oat Groat Soup UK Scottish 0.69
Curried Parsnip and Apple Soup With Parsnip Crisps UK English 0.69