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Spicy Roasted Parsnip Soup

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Chickpea Flatcake With Honey Roasted Vegetables UK English 0.71
Bero Pancakes UK English 0.70
British Apple Pie Spice Mix UK English 0.69
Scottish Mince 'n Tatties UK Scottish 0.67
Mushroom Wellington UK English 0.66
Cheese and Vegetable Crisp UK English 0.66
Bubble and Squeak UK Welsh 0.65
Farmer's Market Shepherd's Pie UK English 0.65
Val's Hungarian Jewish Chopped Liver UK UK 0.65
Hash Browns With Mustard and Smoked Salmon UK English 0.65
Clootie Dumpling in the Microwave UK Scottish 0.65
Indian Restaurant Style Onion Bhajia - Deep Fried Onion Fritters UK English 0.65
Steak n Ale Pie UK English 0.65
Lynsey's Chunky Chicken and Mushroom Pie UK English 0.64
Gerry's Easy Irish Stew UK UK 0.63
English Roast Beef UK English 0.63
Sticky Croissant Toffee Pudding UK English 0.63
Old English a Hot Mulled Cider UK English 0.63
Herby Redcurrant Lamb Chops UK English 0.63
Chocolate Soil (Crumbs) UK English 0.63
Cauliflower and Mushroom Pot Pie With Black Olive Crust UK Scottish 0.63
Deviled Mushrooms on Toasted Ciabatta UK English 0.62
Custard-Pudding UK English 0.62
English Roast Beef UK English 0.62
Godiva Chocolate Coffee Almond Mousse Trifle UK English 0.62
Peanut and Tomato Relish UK English 0.61
Malted Milk Brownies UK English 0.61
James Martin - Pan Fried Cod With Gremolata & Sauce Vierge UK English 0.61
Auberge Cheddar Cheese and Ham Breakfast Buns - Muffins UK English 0.61
Idiot-Proof Yorkshire Puddings UK English 0.61
River Cottage Sorrel Pesto With Goat's Cheese UK Scottish 0.61
Easy Mexican Hot Chocolate UK UK 0.61
Old English Cheese and Crab Dip UK English 0.61
Pear & Mustard Rarebit UK Welsh 0.61
Queen Elizabeth Cake I UK English 0.61
Parmo Chicken UK English 0.61
Cock-A-Leekie UK Scottish 0.61
Yorkshire Parkin - Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Nut Free UK English 0.61
Crunchy Cauliflower Cheese UK English 0.61
Chocolate Mint Brownies UK UK 0.61
Toad in the Hole UK Scottish 0.60
Cranberry Wassail (Non-Alcoholic) UK English 0.60
Traditional Welsh Cakes UK Welsh 0.60
Lamb With Braised Lentils UK English 0.60
Cornish Loaf UK English 0.60
English Muffin Alton Brown UK English 0.60
Marmite Mince UK English 0.60
Tomato and Goat’s Cheese Crumble UK English 0.60
English Muffin Bread UK English 0.60
Stir-Fried Savoy Cabbage and Confit D' Oignon-Onion Marmalade UK English 0.60