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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Lazy Cabbage Rolls

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Palak ki Puri ( A puri made of fresh spinach) Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.94
Greek Quinoa Salad With Avocados! Greek Greek 0.94
Pasta With Asparagus and Balsamic Reduction Italian Italian 0.92
Creamy Goat Cheese and Asparagus Farfalle Italian Italian 0.90
Vegetable Lasagna (Low Fat) Italian Italian 0.90
Hot or Cold Sesame Asparagus Irish Irish 0.89
Potato Farls (irish) Irish Irish 0.89
Baked Asparagus and Spinach Risotto (Cooking Light) Italian Italian 0.89
Risotto Napoletana Italian Italian 0.89
Penne With Silverbeet ( Swiss Chard) and Garlic Deutschland Swiss 0.89
Spanish Rice & Franks Pronto Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Olive Garden Angel Hair and Three Onion Soup Italian Italian 0.89
Chifeletti Italian Italian 0.89
Rigatoni With Broccoli Italian Italian 0.89
Rice Dressing Deutschland German 0.88
Irish Tripe Stew Irish Irish 0.87
Tagliata Di Manzo Italian Italian 0.87
My Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Creamy Brown Rice Risotto . Italian Italian 0.87
Greek-Style Spaghetti Greek Greek 0.87
Easy Pasta Beef Bake South American Argentine 0.87
Rigatoni Alla Turca Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.87
Olive Garden Eggplant (Aubergine) Parmigiana Italian Italian 0.87
French Dressing With Sour Cream French French 0.87
Cucumbers in Sour Cream Scandinavian Swedish 0.87
Potato Pancakes German Style Deutschland German 0.87
My Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Kartoffelpfannkuchen (Potato Pancakes) Deutschland German 0.87
Spanish Rice Ala Yolanda Mora Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Tender Cabbage -- Kapusta Zasamazana Eastern European Polish 0.87
Broccoli and Wasabi Dip Canadian Canadian 0.86
Deep-Dish Spinach Pizza Italian Italian 0.86
Irish Latkes for 2 Irish Irish 0.86
Herb Garden & Lemon Pasta Canadian Canadian 0.86
Spanakoryzo (Spinach and Rice) Greek Greek 0.84
Greek Marinated Sea Bream Greek Greek 0.84
Summer Borscht (Lower Fat) Eastern European Russian 0.84
Sweet Potato and Feta Gnocchi Italian Italian 0.84
Healthy Brie Crisps Italian Italian 0.84
Spaghetti in Tomato-Apple Sauce Italian Italian 0.84
Vegan Sausage Rigatoni Italian Italian 0.84
Coleslaw Canadian Canadian 0.84
Garlic Linguine With Roasted Bell Peppers Italian Italian 0.84
Penne Turkey Sausage Bake Italian Italian 0.84
Salmon With Cucumber Sauce Irish Irish 0.84
Mama Zuquinis Zuppa Rustica Italian Italian 0.84
Maple Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.84
Spanish Rice Bake Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.84
Crock Pot Cabbage Roll Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.84
Kapernschnitzel (Veal Cutlets With Capers) Deutschland German 0.84