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Beef Stroganoff (sauteed Steak in Sour-cream Sauce)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Yorkie Beef Pudding UK English 0.93
Beef Stroganoff With Cremini & Porcini Mushrooms South American Argentine 0.92
Actually Gluten Free Swedish Meatballs Scandinavian Swedish 0.92
Moose Stroganoff Canadian Canadian 0.92
Applebee's Chicken Wings Canadian Canadian 0.91
The Only Cabbage Rolls Eastern European Russian 0.90
Traditional British Toad-In-The-Hole and Mini Toads Too! UK English 0.90
Karin Calloway's Simplified Meatball Stroganoff French French 0.90
Spaghetti (Rice Cooker) Italian Italian 0.89
Spinach Chicken Noodle Soup Canadian Canadian 0.89
Best Ever Chicken Alfredo Italian Italian 0.89
Guinness and Cheese Soup Irish Irish 0.88
Leftover's Speedy Stroganoff Eastern European Russian 0.88
Pasta Bake With Italian Sausage, Tomato and Cream Sauce Italian Italian 0.87
One Skillet Italian Lasagna Italian Italian 0.87
My Special "BRIOCHE RUSTICA" Italian Italian 0.87
Veal Emince Deutschland Swiss 0.87
Spaghetti With Sausage-Mushroom Sauce Italian Italian 0.87
Ranch House Stew with Biscuit Crust Canadian Canadian 0.87
Crepe Chicken Wrap Canadian Canadian 0.86
Slow Cooker Italian Style Chicken With Spaghetti Italian Italian 0.86
Ivo's Mutant Ricotta-Less Lasagna Italian Italian 0.86
Sourdough Rosemary Bread Italian Italian 0.86
Zucchini Carbonara from Jamie Oliver (Jamie at Home) Italian Italian 0.86
Best Meatloaf Ever !!! Canadian Canadian 0.86
Canadiana Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.86
Canadian Bacon Brunch Muffins Canadian Canadian 0.85
(Lighter) Lamb Moussaka Canadian Canadian 0.85
Pork Cutlets Deutschland German 0.85
Dumplings for Soup Deutschland German 0.85
Roasted Garlic Mushroom Pasta Italian Italian 0.85
Zrazy Zawijane (polish Beef Roulade in Sour Cream Sauce) Deutschland German 0.85
Tater Tot Cassarole Canadian Canadian 0.85
Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto Canadian Canadian 0.85
Cheese Stuffed Tortellini in a Garlic Cream Sauce Italian Italian 0.84
Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Wild Rice Canadian Canadian 0.84
Sirloin Steak With Mushroom Gravy Canadian Canadian 0.84
Beef Steaks With Mushroom Sauce Eastern European Polish 0.83
German Lamb in Sour Cream (Crock Pot) (Aka Treasure Trove #1) Deutschland German 0.83
Hearty Onion Rye Bread (Bread Machine) Deutschland German 0.83
Hamburger Cobbler Canadian Canadian 0.83
Hamburger Deutschland German 0.83
Murray's Fried Spaghetti Irish Irish 0.83
Chicken Marsala Holland House Italian Italian 0.83
Pumpkin-Filled Ravioli Using Amaretto Cookies Italian Italian 0.83
Lasagna (microwave) Italian Italian 0.83
Quick Lasagne Italian Italian 0.83
Feta Chicken Marsala Italian Italian 0.83
Basmati-Sun-Dried Tomato Rice Pilaf Italian Italian 0.83
Betty Crocker's Beef Stroganoff Canadian Canadian 0.82