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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Dried Beef Cheese Ball

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Potato Crust Barbecue Pie #SP5 Caribbean Rest Caribbean 1.00
Chipotle Chicken Mexican Mexican 1.00
Egg in a Roll Australian New Zealander 1.00
Easy Chicken Casserole Canadian Canadian 1.00
Bacon, Egg 'n' Cheese Sandwiches Canadian Canadian 1.00
My Favorite Calzone Italian Italian 0.98
Kat's Slow-Cooker Lasagna Italian Italian 0.98
Chicken Reuben Irish Irish 0.98
Baked Italian Delight Italian Italian 0.98
Polish Sausage Quiche Eastern European Polish 0.98
Chef Lyle’s Italian Christmas Morning Bread Casserole Italian Italian 0.95
Schinkenfleckerl - Ham and Noodles Deutschland Austrian 0.95
Noodles and Pot Cheese (Turos Teszia) Eastern European Hungarian 0.95
Spicy Beef Melts South American Argentine 0.95
Easy Bacon Swiss Chicken in a Slow Cooker Deutschland Swiss 0.95
Quick and Easy French Dip French French 0.95
Stuffed Chicken Breast Pate Slices French French 0.95
Nutella-Stuffed French Toast French French 0.95
Biscuit Focaccia Italian Italian 0.95
Chicken Stuffed With Ham and Swiss Deutschland Swiss 0.95
2bleu's Pepperoni Pizza Burgers Italian Italian 0.95
Sausage Pie Italian Italian 0.95
Creamy Italian Chicken OMAC Italian Italian 0.95
Chicken and Pasta Italian Italian 0.95
Cheese Frankfurters Deutschland German 0.95
Guinness Omelet Irish Irish 0.95
Buffet Eggs Canadian Canadian 0.95
Cheese and Prosciutto Manicotti Filling Irish Irish 0.95
Fettuccine Alla Carbonara Italian Italian 0.95
McDonald's Style McGriddle Sandwich Canadian Canadian 0.94
Cheesy Frankfurter Toasts Deutschland German 0.94
Zuppa Alla Pavese (Chicken Soup W- Poached Egg) Italian Italian 0.94
Mrs. Barber's Chicken (Chicken Stroganoff) Deutschland German 0.94
Italian Appetizer Bites Italian Italian 0.94
Nonna Rosa's Leftover Meat Sauce Soup With Orzo Pasta Italian Italian 0.94
Sausage Roll Canadian Canadian 0.94
Bauernfrühstück Deutschland German 0.94
The Original Ranch Porkey Patty #RSC Deutschland German 0.94
Orzo Carbonara Italian Italian 0.94
The Ultimate Lemon & Herb Panini Italian Italian 0.94
Bolognese Style Pan Pizza Italian Italian 0.94
Amy's Simple Spaghetti Pie Italian Italian 0.91
Ham and Cheese Omelet Bake Irish Irish 0.91
Easter Pizza of the Calabrese Variety Italian Italian 0.91
Naples Easter Pie (Pizza Rustica) Italian Italian 0.91
Best Pepperoni Lassagna Italian Italian 0.91
Chicken Cheese English Muffins UK English 0.91
Swiss Chicken Breast Deutschland Swiss 0.91
Cornish Custard Cream UK English 0.91
Ham, Onion Swiss Cheese Quiche Deutschland Swiss 0.91