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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Calypso Beef

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Pork Tenderloin Cubano Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.96
Tequila-Lime Grilled Chicken Breasts Mexican Mexican 0.95
Psycedmom's Hearty Pasta Sauce Italian Italian 0.95
Roast Goose with Caramelized Apples French French 0.94
Pollo Asado En Cazuela (Roasted Chicken With Sauce) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Country Style Turkey Sausage Canadian Canadian 0.92
Medallions of Beef Tenderloin With Cabernet Reduction South American Argentine 0.92
Baked Brazilian Beef South American Argentine 0.92
Olive Garden Pollo Limone (Lemon Chicken) Italian Italian 0.92
Iced Coconut Soup (Cayman Islands -- Caribbean) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.91
Wonderful BBQ Chicken Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.91
Spanish Flank Steak Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Ultimate Corned Beef Irish Irish 0.91
Stuffed Turkey Breast With Cranberry Glaze Canadian Canadian 0.91
Italian Beef or Italian Venison (Sherie's Style) Italian Italian 0.91
Copenhagen Consomme Scandinavian Swedish 0.91
Easy Roast Turkey with Apple Stuffing Canadian Canadian 0.90
Flemish Beef Carbonade (Beer Stew) French French 0.90
Homemade Mettwurst Deutschland German 0.90
Borracho Chicken ( Drunken - Beer Can Chicken ) Irish Irish 0.90
Monkeyboy's Marinated Pork Loin Deutschland German 0.90
Pepper Rib Steak Flambe Canadian Canadian 0.90
Evil Pork Chops Canadian Canadian 0.90
Spiessbraten, Idar-Oberstein Style Deutschland German 0.90
Italian Roast Beef Italian Italian 0.90
Stuffed Whole Cabbage Canadian Canadian 0.89
Asian Beef - Chicken Lo Mein South American Argentine 0.89
Beef Burgundy Made Lighter South American Argentine 0.89
Grilled Garlic Flank Steak Mexican Mexican 0.89
Herbed Lemon Chicken Mexican Mexican 0.89
Crock Pot Beef N Beer Brisket South American Argentine 0.89
Beef Curry South American Argentine 0.89
Tropical Pineapple & Lime Pork Chops Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.89
Jamaican Jerk Chicken Hash Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.89
Bonbon Baked Turnovers- "Empanaditas Bombón" Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.89
Lizzie's Roast Beef South American Argentine 0.89
Beef Pot Pie With Crescent Top South American Argentine 0.89
Barbecued Spicy Beef Minute Steaks South American Argentine 0.89
Boeuf En Brochette French French 0.89
Greek Lamb Meatballs Greek Greek 0.89
Lobster Stuffed Beef Tenderloin and Bearnaise Sauce South American Argentine 0.89
Beef Barley Soup With Spinach... South American Argentine 0.89
Beef Brisket South American Argentine 0.89
Blueberry Sauce for Grilled Beef Steaks or Tenderloin South American Argentine 0.89
Homemade Polish Sausage Eastern European Polish 0.89
Grilled Corned Beef Irish Irish 0.89
Marinated Lamb Chops Canadian Canadian 0.89
Pollo Agli Aromi Italian Italian 0.89
Sicilian Sausage Italian Italian 0.89
Lentils With Chorizo & Red Wine Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89