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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

The Queen of Pizzas (Gourmet Shrimp Pizza)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Garlic Shrimp Crostini Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Margherita Pizza (Gluten Free) Italian Italian 0.95
Italian Tomato and Cheese Melt Italian Italian 0.94
Zesty Baked Fries Italian Italian 0.94
Stuffed Pasta Shells in a Spinach Florentine Sauce With 3 Cheese Italian Italian 0.94
Quick Pasta Sauce Italian Italian 0.94
Pappa Al Pomodoro (Tuscan Tomato and Bread Soup) Italian Italian 0.94
Simple Parmesan Tomatoes Italian Italian 0.93
Tomato-Brie Bruschetta Italian Italian 0.91
Tomato Phyllo Pizza Canadian Canadian 0.91
Pasta With Fresh Herbs, Feta and Tomatoes Italian Italian 0.91
Great Garlic Bread Italian Italian 0.90
Cheesy Pasta Bake Italian Italian 0.90
Angel Hair Pasta With Prosciutto and Wild Mushrooms Italian Italian 0.90
Buttery Shrimp And Pasta French French 0.90
Baked Eggplant (Aubergine) Italiano Italian Italian 0.90
Tomato Butter Tea Sandwiches UK English 0.90
Savory Bruschetta Italian Italian 0.90
Zesty Italian Peasant Bread Appetizer Italian Italian 0.90
Insalata Capri Bruschetta Italian Italian 0.90
Tuna Empanada Pie Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.90
Party Time Bruschetta Canadian Canadian 0.89
Divine Brie, Mushroom and Rosemary Bruschetta Canadian Canadian 0.89
Basil Garlic Toast Italian Italian 0.89
Mozzarella Bruschetta Italian Italian 0.89
Baked Portabella Mushrooms Italian Italian 0.89
Farfalle With Zucchini and Gorgonzola Italian Italian 0.89
Best Ever Bruchetta Italian Italian 0.89
Bruschetta With Oregano Italian Italian 0.89
Odin's Hammer Pizza Tuna Melt Canadian Canadian 0.89
Low-Fat Linguine with Tomatoes and 'Cream' Italian Italian 0.89
Oven Roasted Tomato & Spinach Pasta Canadian Canadian 0.89
Low Fat Vegetable Manicotti Italian Italian 0.88
Amerigo's Chicken Tuscany Italian Italian 0.88
Herbed Yogurt Cheese Balls (Bottled for Gifts) Canadian Canadian 0.88
Easy Bruschetta #2 Italian Italian 0.88
Fresh Basil Tortellini Salad Italian Italian 0.88
Spaghetti Squash, Tomato, Mushroom & Cheese Casserole Italian Italian 0.88
Garlic Potatoes Irish Irish 0.88
Parmesan Potato Bites Canadian Canadian 0.88
Florentine Rolls Italian Italian 0.88
Eggplant and Diced Tomatoes over Angel Hair Italian Italian 0.88
Roast Chicken with a Garlic Mushroom Cream Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.88
Favorite Quick & Easy Spaghetti and Meatballs Italian Italian 0.88
Tomato and Basil Pasta Italian Italian 0.87
Peasant Pizza With Goat Cheese Italian Italian 0.87
Salt-Baked Potatoes With Goat Cheese Irish Irish 0.87
Spiced Mussels in White Wine Canadian Canadian 0.87
Seafood Casserole for 2 Canadian Canadian 0.87
Chilled Tomato and Yogurt Soup With Matane Shrimp, Basil, Mint Canadian Canadian 0.87