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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Uncle Bill's Prime of Beef Roast

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Roast Stuffed W-Summer Vegetables (Arrosto Di Vitello Variegato Italian Italian 0.99
Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce South American Argentine 0.97
Brasato Al Barolo (Braised Short Ribs) Italian Italian 0.97
Harry's Bar Ragu Bolognese Italian Italian 0.97
French Love Affair Crockpot Peppered Herbes De Provence Roast French French 0.95
Tomato Braised Steak Canadian Canadian 0.95
Grilled Flank Steak With Pebre Canadian Canadian 0.94
Soffritto Italian Italian 0.94
Tripe Alla Romana Italian Italian 0.94
Marinara glitter-style Italian Italian 0.94
Marinated Lamb Chops Canadian Canadian 0.94
No Mayo Stuffed Eggs Italian Italian 0.94
Quick Marinara Sauce (How to Boil Water) Italian Italian 0.94
Spice Rubbed Beer Can Chicken Irish Irish 0.94
Long-Cooked Hen in Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.93
Tagliardi Con Ragu Bolognese Italian Italian 0.93
Easy Gazpacho Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Stuffed Veal Brisket Canadian Canadian 0.93
Garlic Breakfast Potatoes Irish Irish 0.93
Rescued Turkey Stock Canadian Canadian 0.92
Tre & Angel's German Hamburgers Deutschland German 0.92
Chef-Boy-I-Be-Illinois' Schwabisch Kartoffelsalat German Potato Deutschland German 0.92
Roasted Tomato and Fennel Soup Canadian Canadian 0.92
Roasted Beets & Garlic Canadian Canadian 0.92
Grandma Knorberg's Pork Chops Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.92
Dipping Oil - Rosemary Garlic Italian Italian 0.92
Cannellini Beans With Chorizo, Garlic and Sage Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.92
Italian Marinated Zucchini Italian Italian 0.92
Lamb Stew Canadian Canadian 0.92
Split Pea and Barley Soup Canadian Canadian 0.91
Marinated Caprese Salad Italian Italian 0.91
Creole Black-Eyed Peas Canadian Canadian 0.91
Milanese Veal Stew Italian Italian 0.91
Caribou Roast in Gin Canadian Canadian 0.91
Italian Breakfast Sausage (Low Fat) Italian Italian 0.91
Momma's Sauce Italian Italian 0.90
Salted Herbs Canadian Canadian 0.90
Fresh Sicilian Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.90
Grilled Vegetable Terrine Irish Irish 0.90
Chops in Locke's Irish Irish 0.90
Mom's Italian Beef Italian Italian 0.90
Balsamic Glazed Chicken With Grilled Radicchio Italian Italian 0.90
Simple Marinated Vine Ripened Tomatoes Canadian Canadian 0.90
Paolo's Awesome Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.90
French-Canadian Pea Soup (Soupe aux pois) Canadian Canadian 0.90
Italian Porchetta Sandwich Italian Italian 0.90
Fridge Leftovers Stew - Crock Pot Canadian Canadian 0.90
Spanish Paprika Chicken Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Spanish rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Chicken Creole - Canadian Style Canadian Canadian 0.89