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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Beef Chipolata Minidog With Coleslaw

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Chicken Vegetable Tacos in the Microwave Mexican Mexican 0.97
A Different Roast Beef Sandwich South American Argentine 0.97
Pickled Beet Cole Slaw Canadian Canadian 0.96
Puff Pastry Pizza Italian Italian 0.95
My Mum's Spring Salad Eastern European Polish 0.95
Lamb Empanadas Australian Australian 0.95
Leek Soup With Herby Croutons UK English 0.95
Yemista Me Ryzi Greek Greek 0.94
French Coleslaw French French 0.94
Italian Cucumber Salad Italian Italian 0.94
Melitzanosalata Greek Greek 0.94
Rainbow Veggie Pizza Italian Italian 0.94
Roasted Red Pepper Involtini Italian Italian 0.94
Easy Italian Vegetable Packets Italian Italian 0.94
Margaret's Milder Tasting Sauerkraut Deutschland German 0.94
Zucchini Burgers (no, not vegetarian) Canadian Canadian 0.94
Layered Vegetable Salad Canadian Canadian 0.93
Zesty Italian Pasta Salad Italian Italian 0.93
Italian Tortellini-Vegetable Salad Italian Italian 0.93
Nadia's Quick Roasted Vegetables Italian Italian 0.93
Kohl Cannon or Colcannon Irish Irish 0.93
Farmhouse Vegetable Soup Irish Irish 0.92
Grilled Chicken and Veggies in Sesame Dressing Canadian Canadian 0.92
Spanish-Style Potato Salad Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.92
Tuna and Tomato French Bread Pizzas French French 0.92
Easy Balsamic Italian Beets Italian Italian 0.92
Venison - Vegetable Bake Canadian Canadian 0.92
Golabki Eastern European Polish 0.92
Fake Coffee (Coffee Substitute) Canadian Canadian 0.92
Smushi 4: Roast Beef With Remoulade, Horseradish and Fried Onion Scandinavian Swedish 0.92
Crescent Rolls Unbelievably Delicious Appetizer Canadian Canadian 0.92
Filet of Sole With Spinach & Tomatoes Canadian Canadian 0.92
Flavor-Packed Chicken Wraps Canadian Canadian 0.92
Fried Potatoes With Vegetables Deutschland German 0.92
Pepperoncini Italian Roast Beef Italian Italian 0.92
Mini Bloomin Onion Canadian Canadian 0.92
Corned Beef and Cabbages With Baby Spinach Irish Irish 0.92
Frozen Garden Tomatoes for Winter Soups and Sauces Canadian Canadian 0.91
Awesome Red Potatoes Canadian Canadian 0.91
Spicy Garlic Pot Roast Canadian Canadian 0.91
Roasted Fresh Vegetable Medley Canadian Canadian 0.90
Crock Pot Roadkill Soup Canadian Canadian 0.90
Wrap up Lunch Canadian Canadian 0.90
Mashed Root Veggies - "stappa" Scandinavian Swedish 0.90
Tuna Salad Plate for One Canadian Canadian 0.90
Dry Majorcan Soup Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.90
Seal Stew (Quallunaatitut) Canadian Canadian 0.90
Creamy Philly Garlic and Herb Salmon UK English 0.90
Southwestern Ground Beef Soup South American Argentine 0.90
Spetsofai Greek Greek 0.90