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Bubble and Squeak

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Old English Cheese and Crab Dip UK English 0.89
Excellent Gravy for Roast Chicken UK English 0.85
Ginger Me up Chicken! Low Fat Honey & Ginger Chicken Breasts UK English 0.82
Spring Asparagus, Ham and Potato Salad - Honey Mustard Dressing UK English 0.80
Val's Hungarian Jewish Chopped Liver UK UK 0.78
Bero Pancakes UK English 0.77
Quick Lime & Coriander (Cilantro) Salsa UK English 0.77
Fishcakes UK English 0.76
Glamorgan Sausages - Wales UK Welsh 0.76
Hash Browns With Mustard and Smoked Salmon UK English 0.76
Chicken and White Wine Casserole (Oamc) UK English 0.75
Davy's Navy Gravy UK English 0.75
Honey-Mustard Chicken Pasta Salad UK English 0.75
Cool As a Cucumber! Cheese, Cucumber and Chive Sandwich Spread UK Scottish 0.75
French Scampi UK English 0.74
Lamb Cutlets Reform by Alexis Soyer: Sweet and Sour Lamb Cutlets UK Scottish 0.74
Grandma's Wassail UK English 0.73
Tasty Tuna Filling UK English 0.73
Butter Me Up! Baked Butter Bean, Bacon and Thyme Cassoulet UK English 0.73
Flaming Garlic and Whisky Gambas! (King Prawns - Giant Shrimp) UK Scottish 0.72
Welsh Glamorgan Sausages With Onion Chutney (Cheese Fritters) UK Welsh 0.72
Lamb With Braised Lentils UK English 0.71
Salmon With Ginger and Orange UK Scottish 0.71
Turnips and Onions UK UK 0.71
Beef Pockets (Steaks Stuffed With Mushrooms Filling) UK Scottish 0.71
Braised Pork UK English 0.70
English Muffin Bread UK English 0.70
Traditional English Cottage Pie With Cheese and Leek Topping UK English 0.70
Tracey's Scottish Microwave Dumpling UK Scottish 0.69
James Martin - Pan Fried Cod With Gremolata & Sauce Vierge UK English 0.69
Ham, Watercress and Mustardy Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich UK English 0.68
Horseradish Baked Salmon UK English 0.68
Scottish (Or English) Rarebit UK Scottish 0.68
Oxford Sausages UK English 0.68
Figgie Pudding UK Welsh 0.68
Beer Battered Haggis Balls with a Whiskey Mustard sauce UK Scottish 0.67
Beet and Chocolate Cake UK English 0.67
Cheese and Vegetable Crisp UK English 0.67
Deviled Mushrooms on Toasted Ciabatta UK English 0.67
Spring Veggie Pasta With Chive Bread Crumbs UK English 0.67
Turkey and Wensleydale Soup UK English 0.67
Fillet of Venison With a Wild Thyme and Blueberry Sauce UK Scottish 0.67
Pear & Mustard Rarebit UK Welsh 0.67
Fresh and Easy Coronation Chicken Salad UK English 0.67
Scottish Mince 'n Tatties UK Scottish 0.67
Glamorgan Sausages (welsh Veggie Sausages) UK Welsh 0.67
Old Fashioned Lovage and Potato Soup UK Scottish 0.67
Potato Soup UK English 0.67
Shrimp and Crab Scampi UK English 0.67
The Classic 1953 Coronation Chicken Salad Recipe UK English 0.67