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Crabmeat Salad Deli Style

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Italian Crab Salad, Spread or Dip Italian Italian 0.96
Spicy Shrimp Bake Canadian Canadian 0.92
Kitchen Kouture Carnita or Chicken Taco Salad With Spicy Ranch Mexican Mexican 0.90
Broccomoli Mexican Mexican 0.89
Steve's Grilled Zucchini Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.89
Gold Medal Sizzling Fajitas (Paula Deen) Mexican Mexican 0.89
Cuban Skirt Steak Caribbean Cuban 0.89
Creamy Crabmeat Corn Dip Sierra Madre Mexican Mexican 0.89
Margarita Chicken Mexican Mexican 0.89
Seasoned Butters Canadian Canadian 0.89
French Cream Cheese Dressing French French 0.89
Linda's Italian Tomato Medley Italian Italian 0.89
Tomato Crab Napoleon Canadian Canadian 0.88
Elegant Crab Cocktail Canadian Canadian 0.87
Chard Wrapped Vegetarian Dolmades Greek Greek 0.87
Hungarian Vegetarian Cabbage Soup Eastern European Hungarian 0.87
Seafood Chowder Using French Fries French French 0.86
Joey Tomato's Crab Artichoke Dip Canadian Canadian 0.86
Stoemp Aux Poireaux-Stoemp Met Prei - Belgian Mashed Potatoes Belgian Belgian 0.86
Summer Couscous Salad Greek Greek 0.86
Aunty Fran's Veg Dip Canadian Canadian 0.86
Greek Pita Lunch Greek Greek 0.86
Shrimp Salad (Iceland) Scandinavian Swedish 0.85
Green Gazpacho (Spain) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.85
Potato Salad With Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing Canadian Canadian 0.85
Grilled German Dinner Deutschland German 0.85
Golden Broiled Arctic Char Steaks Canadian Canadian 0.85
Deviled Eggs 2 Canadian Canadian 0.85
Cheesy Smoked Sausage & Sauerkraut Casserole! Deutschland German 0.84
Potato Carrot Salad Canadian Canadian 0.84
Cheesy Perogies Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.84
Shrimp Open-Faced Sandwich Scandinavian Swedish 0.84
Mozzarella With Tomato and Chile Salsa Italian Italian 0.84
Potato Soup Deutschland German 0.84
Homemade Sweet Pasta Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.84
Butterflied Grilled Garlic Shrimp Greek Greek 0.84
Gyro! Gryo! Gyro! Greek Greek 0.84
Minted Couscous Greek Salad Greek Greek 0.84
Pub Cheese Spread UK English 0.84
Sauce Verdi Italian Italian 0.84
Spanish Papas Bravas #5FIX Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.84
Creamy Tomato Soup Canadian Canadian 0.84
Antipasta Cauliflower Pasta Italian Italian 0.84
German Reuben Casserole Deutschland German 0.84
Imitation Crabmeat Sandwich Canadian Canadian 0.84
Italian Steak Rolls Italian Italian 0.84
Beaucoup Seafood Chowder Canadian Canadian 0.84
Gotta-Have-It Garlic Bread Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.84
Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.83
Caesar Salad - Classic Italian Italian 0.83