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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Scottish Mince 'n Tatties

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Beef & Cabbage Meat Pastry (Variation of Bierocks or Runzas) South American Argentine 1.00
Beef Stroganoff Crepes South American Argentine 0.95
Finnish Turnip Casserole Scandinavian Finnish 0.95
Frenched French Onion Soup French French 0.95
Open-Faced Beef Sandwiches With Greens and Horseradish Cream South American Argentine 0.94
Barbecued Beef Cubes over Noodles South American Argentine 0.93
Bangers and Mash UK English 0.93
Swiss Melt Mushroom Burgers Deutschland Swiss 0.93
Quick & Easy Frittata Italian Italian 0.93
Mom's Goulash Italian Italian 0.93
Auberge Chorizo, Goat's Cheese and Onion Pizza - Thin Crust Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Jaegerkohl (Hunter's Cabbage) Deutschland German 0.93
Cake Doughnuts Canadian Canadian 0.93
Sipulipiirakka (Finnish Onion Pie) Scandinavian Finnish 0.93
German Cabbage Muffins Deutschland German 0.93
Red Cabbage Sweet & Sour Deutschland German 0.91
Garlic-parmesan Mushrooms Canadian Canadian 0.91
Philly Cheese and Ground Beef Casserole South American Argentine 0.91
La Soupe a L'oignon French French 0.91
French Poutine in a Bag or Foil Pouch (On the Road Recipe) French French 0.91
Amazing French Onion Soup French French 0.91
Finnish Spinach Soup (Pinaattikeitto) Scandinavian Finnish 0.91
Scalloped Tomatoes au Gratin Eastern European Czech 0.91
Spanish Skillet Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Wisconsin Dutch Cabbage Soup Belgian Dutch 0.90
Pierogi Z Kapusty (Pierogi W- Sauerkraut & Mushroom Filling) Eastern European Polish 0.90
Quick Corned Beef and Cabbage for 2 Irish Irish 0.90
Quark and Potato Pierogies Eastern European Polish 0.90
Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage Tarts Irish Irish 0.90
Fried Broccoli Melt Irish Irish 0.90
Rolled Dumplings Deutschland German 0.90
Knepfla Soup Deutschland German 0.90
Irish Braised Cabbage Irish Irish 0.90
T - Bone Steaks With Garlic Butter Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.90
Gefullte Kartoffeln (Sausage Stuffed Potatoes, Hamburg Style) Deutschland German 0.90
Finnish Rutabaga (Swedes) Casserole Scandinavian Finnish 0.90
Pierogies Eastern European Polish 0.89
Polish Wild Mushroom Pierogies Eastern European Polish 0.89
Saucy Lemony Ribs Canadian Canadian 0.89
No - Berry Strawberry Rhubarb Cake Canadian Canadian 0.88
Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup Canadian Canadian 0.88
Chicken With Dumplings (Slimmed Down) Canadian Canadian 0.88
Whipped Celery Potatoes Scandinavian Swedish 0.88
Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Krustenbraten in Bier (Pork Roast With Crackling Rind in Beer) Deutschland German 0.88
German Pizza Deutschland German 0.88
Gluten Free Cheddar Bacon Perogies Eastern European Polish 0.88
Stuffed Pork Chops Deutschland German 0.88
Glazed Carrots French French 0.88
Beef in Mustard and Cream Sauce - Emancés De Boeuf French French 0.88