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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Slow, Comfortable Piquant Pork and Bacon Cassoulet (Crock Pot)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Chicken and Tortellini Soup Italian Italian 0.92
Tuna Kofta Australian Australian 0.90
Zuppa Di Fagioli Con La Pasta (Italian Bean Soup With Pasta) Italian Italian 0.90
Ellie's Chorizo & Beans Mexican Mexican 0.90
Pea and Mint Soup UK English 0.90
Salad Olivier - Russian Potato Salad Eastern European Russian 0.90
Green Beans with Garlic Italian Italian 0.90
Chilli Con Grandma UK English 0.90
A Grape Picker's Lunch! Sausages and Lentils With Thyme and Wine Deutschland German 0.90
Italian Meatball Soup Italian Italian 0.89
Tuscan Cannellini Soup Italian Italian 0.88
Chicago Style Italian Beef Italian Italian 0.88
Chicken & Dumplings (Or Easy Chicken Stew - Minus the Dumpli Canadian Canadian 0.87
Rebollita ( Italian Cabbage Soup) Italian Italian 0.87
Turkey Soup With Leftover Cleanup Canadian Canadian 0.87
Zuppa Di Ceci Italian Italian 0.87
Chickpea Chicken Soup - Tuscan Style Italian Italian 0.87
Minestre Italian Italian 0.87
Spicy Sausage and Bean Soup Canadian Canadian 0.86
Creole Black-Eyed Peas Canadian Canadian 0.86
One Dish Italian Chicken With Rice Italian Italian 0.86
Premium Turkey Meatballs Italian Italian 0.85
Habas Con Chorizo (Spanish Chorizo With Broad Beans) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.85
Longhunter's Bear Roast Canadian Canadian 0.84
Chicken and Dumplings Canadian Canadian 0.84
Alsatian Sauerkraut Potato Soup Deutschland German 0.84
Famous Italian Sausage Soup Italian Italian 0.84
Bean & Basil Soup Italian Italian 0.84
Baked Corned Beef Brisket Irish Irish 0.83
Lentil Soup With Ditalini (Aka, New Year's Soup) Italian Italian 0.83
Tortellini Tapas With Spicy Ranch Dip Italian Italian 0.83
German Rouladen Deutschland German 0.82
Ceci Ragu Italian Italian 0.82
Never Fail BBQ Chicken Breasts Canadian Canadian 0.82
Lentils With Chorizo & Red Wine Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.82
Jeff's "ultimate" Meatballs Italian Italian 0.82
Pat's Standard Meatballs Italian Italian 0.82
Den's Split Pea Soup and Ham Canadian Canadian 0.82
German Pea Soup Deutschland German 0.81
Tortiere Canadian Canadian 0.81
Uncle Bill's Petite Pea Salad Canadian Canadian 0.81
Turkey Breast Stuffed With Fennel and Red Pepper Canadian Canadian 0.81
Andalusian Bean and Chorizo Potaje (Stew) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.81
Southern Italian Pasta Fagioli Italian Italian 0.81
Chilled Lentil Soup With Spinach Italian Italian 0.81
Basil and Tomato Sauce Pasta Italian Italian 0.81
Hunter's Minestrone (Adapted to Be a Bit More Healthy) Italian Italian 0.81
Zesty Italian Beef Italian Italian 0.81
Tuscan Chicken Stew Canadian Canadian 0.81
German Sausage Loaf Deutschland German 0.81