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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Chicken Pepperoni Too

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Chinese Chicken or Pork Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.96
Easy Red Enchilada Sauce Mexican Mexican 0.96
Nigella's Za'atar Chicken Middle Eastern Lebanese 0.96
Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin South American Argentine 0.94
French Roasted Beef South American Argentine 0.94
Bamboo Skewer Chicken - Grilled Canadian Canadian 0.94
Quick Steak Sauerbraten Deutschland German 0.94
Polish Kielbasa and Rice Eastern European Polish 0.94
Sizzled Chicken Schnitzel Deutschland German 0.94
Rouladin Deutschland German 0.94
Liz's German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.94
Simple Sweet and Sour Chops Canadian Canadian 0.93
Smothered Pork Chops Canadian Canadian 0.91
German Meat Cakes Deutschland German 0.91
Spicy Luncheon Roll Canadian Canadian 0.91
Rice and Beef Pilaf South American Argentine 0.91
30 Minute Mini Meatloaves Italian Italian 0.90
Breaded Pork Chops Eastern European Polish 0.90
Chicken and Bacon Burgers UK English 0.88
Microwave Italian Meatball Sandwiches for 2 Italian Italian 0.88
Stove Top Honey-Mustard Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.88
Olive Garden Inspired Turkey Meatballs Italian Italian 0.88
Italian Meatball Sandwich Italian Italian 0.88
Spanish Meat Loaf Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Pasta dough #1 Italian Italian 0.88
Pea Soup Scandinavian Swedish 0.88
Boneless Pork Chops Milanese Italian Italian 0.88
Italian Braised Pork Loin Italian Italian 0.88
Italian Chicken Strips Italian Italian 0.88
German Beef Rouladens Deutschland German 0.88
No-Cream Carbonara Italian Italian 0.88
Fabada Austurianas Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Stuffed Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Sage and Prosciutto Italian Italian 0.88
Karelian Hot Pot -- Finnish Three-Meat Stew Scandinavian Finnish 0.88
BBQ’ed Beef and Bacon Stuffed Onions South American Argentine 0.88
French Dip Beef Sandwich French French 0.87
Asordo - Portuguese Bread Soup Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.87
Portuguese Biscuit Cookies Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.87
Portuguese Style Beef Tenderloin Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.87
Tender, Juicy, Roast Beef Ever South American Argentine 0.87
Cinnamon French Toast French French 0.87
Russian Hamburgers Eastern European Russian 0.87
Braised Beef Liver and Onions South American Argentine 0.87
My Mom's BBQ Beef South American Argentine 0.87
Tasty Pork Chops! Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.87
Easy Beef & Pasta South American Argentine 0.87
Baked Chicken With French Fried Onions French French 0.87
Easiest Naked Pantry Meatballs! Italian Italian 0.87
Hot Swiss Chard Salad Deutschland Swiss 0.87
Conti Family Braciolini Italian Italian 0.87