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Spanish Rice Mix

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Kofta Curry (Meatballs) Indian Subcontinent Pakistani 0.99
Crock Pot Carne Guisada Mexican Mexican 0.99
Greek Spinach and Rice Greek Greek 0.98
Stuffed Bell Peppers Eastern European Hungarian 0.98
Fran's Fantastic Spaghetti Italian Italian 0.98
Poor Man's Hungarian Goulash Eastern European Hungarian 0.97
Eggplant Moussaka (Healthy Version) Greek Greek 0.97
Ultimate Spaghetti Italian Italian 0.97
Spanish Rice Casserole Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
Spanish Rice OAMC Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
Boulettes Francaise (Meatballs in White Sauce) Canadian Canadian 0.97
Sausage Spanish Rice With Bacon Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.96
Potato Dumplings II Deutschland German 0.96
The General's Chili South American Argentine 0.96
Freeport Chicken Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.95
Good Swiss Steak Deutschland Swiss 0.95
Greek Rice Pilafe Greek Greek 0.95
Greek Stuffed Bell Peppers and Tomatoes (Vegetarian) Greek Greek 0.95
German Spareribs with Pickle Sauce : Schweinerippchen mit Gewurz Deutschland German 0.95
Easy Sausage Parmesan Risotto Italian Italian 0.95
German Sausage Deutschland German 0.95
Ground Chicken-Beef With Potatoes & Spinach South American Argentine 0.95
Guajillo Chile Sauce Mexican Mexican 0.95
Albondegus Mexican Mexican 0.95
Mexican Ground Beef Quinoa Skillet South American Argentine 0.95
Hungarian Paprika Pork Chops Eastern European Hungarian 0.95
Easy Crock Pot Beef or Veal Stock South American Argentine 0.95
Perfect Seasoned French Fries French French 0.94
Tomato Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Original Greek Coney Sauce Greek Greek 0.94
Italian Beef Italian Italian 0.94
Spanish Rice and Chicken Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Seasoned Flour for Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.94
Crispy Chicken (The Best and Easiest) UK Scottish 0.94
Champlain Beef Stew South American Argentine 0.94
Julia Child's Duck Roasted in a Casserole With Turnips French French 0.94
Kroketten Belgian Dutch 0.94
Corn Starch Gravy and Other Tips Canadian Canadian 0.94
Green Rice Canadian Canadian 0.94
Italian Cannellini and Cabbage Soup Italian Italian 0.94
Lisa's Stuffed Cabbage Eastern European Polish 0.94
Tourtiere 1959 Canadian Canadian 0.94
Matt Davidson's Dartmouth Donair Meat Canadian Canadian 0.94
Onion and Herb Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.93
Meatballs Stew Canadian Canadian 0.93
Spaghetti Sauce with Meat Italian Italian 0.93
Mojo French You Can't Stop at Just One!!!! French French 0.93
Italian Stir-Fry Italian Italian 0.93
Slow Cooked Spaghetti Sauce Italian Italian 0.93
Quebec Meat Pie Canadian Canadian 0.93