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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Korean Pupu Chicken

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Cambodian Summer Rolls and Dipping Sauce Southeast Asian Cambodian 0.97
Dolmathakia Stuffed Grape Leaves Greek Greek 0.96
Summer Vinaigrette Canadian Canadian 0.96
Anita's Salad Dressing Italian Italian 0.93
Pizza Sauce (Tomato) Italian Italian 0.93
Peruvian Rice South American Peruvian 0.92
Easy Enchilada Sauce Mexican Mexican 0.92
Aji Verde (Peruvian Green Chili Sauce) South American Peruvian 0.92
Parsley, Mint and Watercress Salad With Garlic Mexican Mexican 0.92
Green Beans With Coriander and Garlic: Feijao Verde Com Coentro Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.92
Tomato Basil Sauce Italian Italian 0.92
Herbed Pizza Dough Italian Italian 0.92
Lemon Dill Broiled Fish Canadian Canadian 0.92
White Spaghetti Italian Italian 0.92
Balsamic Roast Italian Chicken Italian Italian 0.91
Roasted Italian Chicken Italian Italian 0.91
My Vinaigrette Dressing (Italian Style) Italian Italian 0.90
Marinated Eel (Anguilla Marinata) Italian Italian 0.90
Braised Fennel With Orange Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.90
Pasta With Peas and Pork Italian Italian 0.89
Oh My Garlic! Bread (Abm) Canadian Canadian 0.89
Angel Hair with Balsamic Tomatoes Italian Italian 0.89
Spanokorizo (Spinach and Rice Casserole) Greek Greek 0.88
Pizza Sauce Classic Italian Italian 0.88
Tangy Cilantro Mojo Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pasta Italian Italian 0.88
Kindersely Road House Ribs Canadian Canadian 0.88
Lemon Herb Marinade for Meat , Seafood or Vegetables Canadian Canadian 0.88
Tomato Basil Salad Italian Italian 0.88
Italian Chicken Drumsticks Italian Italian 0.88
Roast Beef Slather South American Argentine 0.87
Simple Vinaigrette Dressing French French 0.87
Pistou Sauce or French Pesto ( Vegan ) French French 0.87
Shredded Beef for Soft Tacos South American Argentine 0.87
Broiled (Or Barbecued) Chicken With Lemon Greek Greek 0.87
Artisan Rosemary Garlic Bread Italian Italian 0.87
Sun-Dried Tomato Baked Brie Italian Italian 0.87
Bob's Mushroom Stew Canadian Canadian 0.87
Quick and Easy Tuna Pasta in Garlic and Oil Italian Italian 0.87
Marinated Manchego Cheese Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Tuscan Pork Roast Italian Italian 0.87
French Twist Paste French French 0.87
Grilled Chicken With Provencal Marinade French French 0.87
Pasta with Olive Oil And Garlic Italian Italian 0.87
Grilled Fillet Steak With Herbs UK English 0.87
Special Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.87
BBQ Beef Ribs Canadian Canadian 0.87
Iced Lemon & Ginger Mint Tea Irish Irish 0.87
Lamb with Merlot-Butter Sauce Irish Irish 0.87
Rosemary Fettuccine Italian Italian 0.87