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Curried Cauliflower Fritters (Jamie Oliver's Recipe)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Traditional Fish and Chips (With Any Whitefish)! UK English 0.58
Asparagus in Crisp Rolls UK Scottish 0.54
Beetroot, Carrot and Parsnip Chips With Fleur De Sel UK Scottish 0.54
Apricot & Hazelnut Stuffing UK English 0.53
Easy Chicken Sunday Lunch for Two UK English 0.53
Traditional Lancashire Hot Pot UK English 0.51
Crab Cakes With Shrimp Sauce (British Virgin Islands) UK UK 0.51
Stir-Fried Savoy Cabbage and Confit D' Oignon-Onion Marmalade UK English 0.51
Curried Parsnip and Apple Soup With Parsnip Crisps UK English 0.50
Baked Beans Balti UK English 0.50
Comforting Mushroom Soup UK English 0.50
Sausages With Mashed Potatoes, Beer and Onion Gravy and Mustard UK English 0.49
Chicken Breast With Whiskey and Oregano Marmalade UK English 0.49
Smoked Salmon, Dill and Potato Pie UK English 0.49
Chicken With Mushroom Curry Sauce UK English 0.49
Pork With Blue Cheese UK English 0.49
Ultimate Roast Beef Sandwich UK English 0.48
Fillet of Venison With a Wild Thyme and Blueberry Sauce UK Scottish 0.48
Mushy Pea Fishcakes UK English 0.48
Southern Comfort Chicken UK Scottish 0.48
Chicken in Mead Sauce UK Scottish 0.48
My Beef and Beer Casserole UK English 0.48
Chickpea Flatcake With Honey Roasted Vegetables UK English 0.48
Deluxe Potato Gratin UK English 0.47
The Full Monty - F E B - Full English Breakfast UK Scottish 0.47
Breakfast Gratin UK English 0.47
Shrimp in Whisky Cream UK Scottish 0.47
Cheesy Bacon and Chives Dip UK English 0.46
Liver and Onions With Roast Veges UK English 0.46
Hump Day Vegetables UK English 0.46
Bubble & Squeak Cakes With Red Onion Gravy UK English 0.46
Cauliflower Cheese UK English 0.46
The Devil's Beef Tub UK Scottish 0.46
Tomatoey Pot-Roast Chicken UK English 0.46
Auberge Cranberry and Sausage Stuffing With Chestnuts and Orange UK English 0.45
Bread Sauce UK English 0.45
Shepherds Pie UK English 0.45
Lamb Chops With Rosemary Beans - Fast & Simple! UK English 0.45
Broccoli and Pasta Soup UK English 0.45
Welsh Glamorgan Sausages With Onion Chutney (Cheese Fritters) UK Welsh 0.45
Roasted Autumn Vegetable Salad UK English 0.45
Canteen Steak and Kidney Pie UK English 0.45
Mushroom and Rice On-Pot UK English 0.45
Tortilla Weekend Breakfast UK English 0.45
Potato Chicken Tomato Dish by J.o. UK English 0.45
Glamorgan Sausages (welsh Veggie Sausages) UK Welsh 0.45
The Great British Bacon Butty - Bacon Sandwich UK Scottish 0.45
Stilton Stuffed Filet Mignon UK English 0.45
Good Old Fashioned English Chip-Shop Style Chips! UK Scottish 0.45
Pork Chops With Mustard & Shallot Sauce UK English 0.45