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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Danish Green Kale Soup, Slow Cooker

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Pork Green Chili Mexican Mexican 1.00
Nan Nans Irish Stew Irish Irish 0.99
Beef Chili With Vegetables South American Argentine 0.99
Brazilian Chicken Curry South American Brazilian 0.98
Basic Chicken Soup-Stock Scandinavian Swedish 0.98
Spanish stuffed meatloaf Canadian Canadian 0.98
Vegetarian " Beef" Stew South American Argentine 0.98
6WBM Italian Chicken Italian Italian 0.98
Italian-Inspired Vegetable Soup With Turkey Sausage (Ww Inspired Italian Italian 0.97
Sofrito Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.97
Crock Pot Beef Chili With Chili Creme Fraiche South American Argentine 0.97
Garden Chicken Supreme French French 0.97
Corned Beef Dinner (crock Pot) Irish Irish 0.97
Kale and Bean Soup Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.97
Spaghetti Sauce Italian Italian 0.97
Porketta Italian Italian 0.97
Penne Allarabiata Italian Italian 0.97
Rich Thick Meat Sauce for a Crowd! Italian Italian 0.97
Corned Beef and Tomato Twist Irish Irish 0.97
Veggie Ham Wraps Canadian Canadian 0.96
Tomato Tortellini Soup Italian Italian 0.96
Kiss Me I'm Irish Corned Beef Irish Irish 0.96
Spinach Minestrone Soup Italian Italian 0.96
Paleo Lasagna Canadian Canadian 0.96
Nonna Consuelo's Authentic Italian Bolognese Sauce (From LIVE Wi Italian Italian 0.95
Spaghetti Sauce With Three Tomatoes Italian Italian 0.95
Great Lakes Walleye Chowder Canadian Canadian 0.95
County Cork Irish Lamb Chops Stew Irish Irish 0.95
Boston Guinness Beef Stew Irish Irish 0.95
Pressure Cooker 30 Minute Marinara Sauce Italian Italian 0.95
Spanish Barley-Brown Rice Pilaf Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Chicken Pot Au Feu Canadian Canadian 0.95
Gala Salsa Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Caldo Gallego Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Italian Ground Beef and Macaroni Italian Italian 0.95
Gramma's Sauerkraut Eastern European Polish 0.95
Tomato and Pickled Dill Cucumber salad Eastern European Polish 0.95
Beef 'n Noodle Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.95
Tapas Pork Meatballs With Tomato & Orange Sauce Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Garlic & Rosemary Roast Vegetables UK English 0.95
Jean-Pierre Challet's Light Corn Soup French French 0.94
Classic Minestrone for the Slow Cooker Italian Italian 0.94
Zucchini and Tomato Casserole Italian Italian 0.94
Slow Cooker Deer Swiss Steak Deutschland Swiss 0.94
Italian Zucchini Italian Italian 0.94
Light Tuna Salad, Chicago Hotdog Style (Sort Of) UK English 0.94
All Day Ragu (Bolognese) Italian Italian 0.94
Italian Potato Soup (Minestra Di Patate) Italian Italian 0.94
Sausage Pepper and Onions Baked Italian Italian 0.94
Tomato and Spinach Pasta Toss Italian Italian 0.94