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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Curried Parsnip and Apple Soup With Parsnip Crisps

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Aubergine (Eggplant) Curry (1) Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.98
Spicy Vinegar of Haiti - Picklese (Pikliz) French French 0.97
Kale and Potato Soup Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.97
Green Tomato Pickle Relish Canadian Canadian 0.96
Vadai Curry Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.96
Mexican Ceviche Mexican Mexican 0.96
Chili Sauce (Low Fat) Mexican Mexican 0.96
Summer Salad Greek Greek 0.96
Indian Styled Ratatouille French French 0.96
Corned Beef and Cabbage (Slow Cooker) Irish Irish 0.96
Sweet & Sour Carrot Compote With Cumin Canadian Canadian 0.96
German Pear Relish Deutschland German 0.96
Meat Sauce Italian Italian 0.95
Willy's Sauerkraut Skillet Deutschland German 0.95
Hot Dog Relish Canadian Canadian 0.95
corned beef and cabbage Irish Irish 0.95
Classic Greek Salad Topped With Grilled Calamari Skewers Greek Greek 0.95
Swedish Cucumber Salad Scandinavian Swedish 0.95
German Potato Soup for the Crock Pot Deutschland German 0.95
Huey's Irish Stew With a Touch of Paris Irish Irish 0.94
Sausage N' Peppers Healthy-Style! Eastern European Polish 0.94
Aristocrat Pickles Deutschland German 0.94
Irish Colcannon (Creamy Potatoes and Cabbage) Irish Irish 0.94
Hot Chile Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.94
Country-Style Greek Salad Greek Greek 0.94
Supercharged Greek Spinach Salad Greek Greek 0.94
Layered Greek Salad Greek Greek 0.94
Uberbackener Spinat Mit Kase (Baked Spinach with Cheese) Deutschland German 0.94
The Carter's Roast - Fuhrmannsbraten - Braised Beef Roast Deutschland German 0.94
Ww Corned Beef and Cabbage With Red Potatoes Irish Irish 0.94
A Recipe for Split Pea Soup Irish Irish 0.94
Potato Carrot Salad Canadian Canadian 0.94
Gulaschsuppe Deutschland German 0.94
Barbecue Potato Chips Canadian Canadian 0.94
Andrew's Protein-Packed Vegan Chili Canadian Canadian 0.94
Quick Greek Soup Greek Greek 0.94
Stewed Beef with Cloves Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Ultimate Corned Beef and Cabbage Irish Irish 0.93
Bernadette's Scorching Spanish Salsa Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Chickpea and Spinach Stew Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Spiced Cauliflower With a Kick Canadian Canadian 0.93
Mary Ellen's Corned Beef, Carrots and Cabbage With Spicy Mustard Irish Irish 0.93
Spanish Zucchini Frittata Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Osso Buco Tender Tex Mex Italian Italian 0.93
Lentil Bolagnese(Vegan) Italian Italian 0.93
VEPROVE S KRENEM (Pork w-Horseradish) Eastern European Czech 0.93
Potato Soup Irish Irish 0.93
Roasted Potatoes, Leeks and Cabbage Irish Irish 0.93
German Cream of Vegetable Soup Deutschland German 0.93
German Pork and Sauerkraut Goulash Deutschland German 0.93