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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Swedish Pea Soup

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Quick Pasta E Fagioli - Olive Garden Italian Italian 0.96
All American Chili (Mccormick) Central American Honduran 0.94
Potatoes Braised in Saffron Stock French French 0.94
Mexican Shredded Chicken Mexican Mexican 0.94
Mexican Style " Carnitas" Pork Roast Mexican Mexican 0.94
Mediterranean Beef Stew (Crock Pot!) Greek Greek 0.94
Entrecosto No Forno (Braised Spareribs and Potatoes) Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.94
Soutzoukakia Greek Greek 0.93
Mom's Chili Mexican Mexican 0.93
Leftover Roast Beef Spread South American Argentine 0.92
Lancaster Chicken Soup UK English 0.92
Healthier Pasta E Fagioli (Olive Garden Clone) Italian Italian 0.92
German Blutwurst Deutschland German 0.92
Finnish Three-Meat Ragout Scandinavian Finnish 0.91
White Bean Chili Canadian Canadian 0.90
Chicken and Sweet Potato Simmer Canadian Canadian 0.90
Traditional Potted Spiced Ham for Tea Time by Mrs Beeton UK Scottish 0.90
Leek and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata French French 0.90
Sticky Onion Chicken (Healthy & Low Fat) UK English 0.90
Pineapple-Herb Stuffed Eye of Round or Pork Tenderloin Canadian Canadian 0.90
Tapas - Spicy Pork Skewers (pinchos Morunos) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.90
German Sauerkraut and Country Ribs Deutschland German 0.89
Homemade Liverwurst - Leberwurst Deutschland German 0.89
Tommy's Deer Burgers Eastern European Russian 0.89
Corn Beef Chilli Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.89
Egg and Watercress Tea Sandwiches UK English 0.89
German Homemade Bratwurst Deutschland German 0.89
Potato Dumplings Canadian Canadian 0.89
Chicken Noodle Soup Canadian Canadian 0.89
Frikadel (Dutch Meatloaf) Belgian Dutch 0.89
Pinterest Favorite: Homemade Meatballs Italian Italian 0.89
Paul's Grilled Italian Chicken Breasts Italian Italian 0.89
Quick Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Easter Eggs What to Do With Them ?? Canadian Canadian 0.88
Open-Faced Scrambled Egg and Sausage Sandwich Canadian Canadian 0.88
Christmas Eve Pork Pie Canadian Canadian 0.88
German Bean and Sausage Soup Deutschland German 0.88
Not Quite Traditional Tourtiere but Almost Canadian Canadian 0.88
Hearty Baked Bean Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.88
Feta Chicken Bake Greek Greek 0.88
Beef Roast-N-Gravy South American Argentine 0.87
Kouing Patatez - Potato Cake (Brittany, France) French French 0.87
Welsh Baked Eggs UK Welsh 0.87
Greek Chicken Pita Filling Greek Greek 0.87
Beef Summer Sausage South American Argentine 0.87
Pommes Fondantes French French 0.87
Eggs in a Spud Canadian Canadian 0.87
Egg White Omelet With Spinach or Chard Canadian Canadian 0.87
Italian Coated Chicken With Chicken Creole Rice Italian Italian 0.87
Italian Ranch Shredded Chicken Italian Italian 0.87