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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Bow Ties And Scallops

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Le Cirque's Linguine With Asparagus Italian Italian 0.97
Shrimp Gambino Eastern European Hungarian 0.95
Caramelized Onion and Red Pepper Penne Australian Australian 0.95
Portuguese Clam Rice Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.95
Crab Linguine with Broccoli and Tomatoes Italian Italian 0.95
Tomato Crabmeat Sauce for Pasta Italian Italian 0.94
Spicy Seafood and Penne Italian Italian 0.94
Seafood Rigatoni Italian Italian 0.94
Spaghetti Con Cozze E Pomodoro (Mussels and Tomatoes) Italian Italian 0.94
Montreal Style Poutine Canadian Canadian 0.92
Risotto-Stuffed Tomatoes Italian Italian 0.92
Shrimp and Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto With Asparagus Italian Italian 0.91
Sarasota's Seafood Spaghetti in a White Wine-Tomato Broth Italian Italian 0.91
Linguini With Clam Sauce Ala Giro's Italian Italian 0.91
Lemon Risotto With Grilled Tiger Shrimp Canadian Canadian 0.91
Trailer Trash Macaroni Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.91
Linguine Del Giorno Italian Italian 0.91
Spicy Spanish Shrimp, Cheesy Orzo and Roasted Green Beans Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Vegetarian Lasagna Italian Italian 0.91
Clam Spaghetti Italian Italian 0.90
Spinach & Rice Casserole Italian Italian 0.90
Seafood Fra Diavolo With Pasta Italian Italian 0.90
Arby's Oven Baked Curly Fries Canadian Canadian 0.90
Lemony Shrimp and Orzo Italian Italian 0.90
Eggplant (Aubergine) and Pancetta Penne Italian Italian 0.90
Oven Roasted Tomato & Spinach Pasta Canadian Canadian 0.90
Saffron Risotto Italian Italian 0.90
Ww Seafood Paella Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.90
Stuffed Baked Tomatoes Canadian Canadian 0.90
Pasta Alfredo Alla Kewg Italian Italian 0.90
Penne Salad With Italian Green Beans and Gorgonzola Italian Italian 0.89
Vegetarian Ratatouille Gratin Italian Italian 0.89
Pasta with Spicy Shrimp and Sun-dried Tomatoes Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Arrabiata Italian Italian 0.89
Eggplant & Goat Cheese Pasta Italian Italian 0.89
Broccoli Frascatelli Italian Italian 0.89
Rice and Cheese Balls Italian Italian 0.89
Garlic Zucchini and Tomato Orzo Italian Italian 0.89
Pasta With Asparagus Irish Irish 0.89
Tomato and Basil Pasta - No Straining, Just Stirring Italian Italian 0.89
Eric's Viking Chowder Scandinavian Swedish 0.89
Baked Pasta With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Ricotta Cheese Italian Italian 0.89
Norse Skillet Potatoes Scandinavian Swedish 0.89
Spanish Shrimp Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Chorizo, Shrimp and Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Easy Tomato Alfredo Italian Italian 0.89
Spanish Rice With Black Beans Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Francis Ford Coppola's Tomato Sauce (Pomodoro Basilico) Italian Italian 0.88
Spinach and blue cheese pasta Italian Italian 0.87
Sherri's Spanish Steak (Or Chicken, Pork, or Sausage) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87