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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

A French Country Affair! Elegant Omelette Gateau W-Chive Flowers

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Indian Shepherd's Pie UK English 0.98
Sorrel Soup Deutschland Austrian 0.98
Broccoli-Spinach Pie Greek Greek 0.98
Beef Round Steak Roll Up South American Argentine 0.98
Cucumber Yogurt Dill dressing Canadian Canadian 0.98
Fiddleheads With Sundried Tomatoes, Onions and Garlic Canadian Canadian 0.98
Scandinavian Cucumber and Dill Scandinavian Swedish 0.97
Spanish Inspired Frittata Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
Easy but Elegant Broccoli Soup Canadian Canadian 0.96
Joe's Italian Tomato Basil Soup Italian Italian 0.96
Grilled Zucchini With Italian Tomatoes and Parmesan Italian Italian 0.96
Dee's Runza Filling Eastern European Czech 0.96
Norse Skillet Potatoes Scandinavian Swedish 0.96
Vegetable Medley Quiche French French 0.96
Swiss Chard Manicotti (With OAMC Directions) Deutschland Swiss 0.96
Ragu Alla Bolognese (Bolognese Meat Sauce) Italian Italian 0.95
Spinach Balls Irish Irish 0.95
Tomato, Italian Sausage, and Veggie Soup Italian Italian 0.95
Asparagus and Spring Greens Carbonara Italian Italian 0.95
Spaghetti With Tomato, Spinach and Feta Italian Italian 0.95
Classic Lasagna With Meat Sauce, Tomatoes and Bechamel Sauce ( L Italian Italian 0.95
Spanish stuffed meatloaf Canadian Canadian 0.95
Sole Rolls (Poached in Milk) Canadian Canadian 0.95
Beef in Ale With Cheese Cobbler Irish Irish 0.95
Fairmont Seafood Chowder Canadian Canadian 0.95
Honey Garlic Chicken Spaghetti Canadian Canadian 0.95
Spinach Tortellini in Creamy Tomato Sauce Italian Italian 0.95
3 Cheese Lasagna Italian Italian 0.95
Tomatoes Broiled with Goat Cheese and Basil Canadian Canadian 0.95
Roasted Garlic Butter Italian Italian 0.95
Tuna Fish Sauce on Capellini Italian Italian 0.95
Apple-Chutney Spread Canadian Canadian 0.95
Cottage Pie (authentic Irish recipe) Irish Irish 0.95
Spanish Rice With Black Beans Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Viking Stew Scandinavian Swedish 0.94
Hominy With Spanish Chorizo and Two Cheeses Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Mozzarella Bruschetta Italian Italian 0.94
Harry's Celery Soup Canadian Canadian 0.94
Healthy Open-Faced Tuna Bagel Canadian Canadian 0.94
Italian Asparagus Canadian Canadian 0.94
Cucumber and Tomato Yogurt (Kheera Ka Ray) Scandinavian Swedish 0.94
Antipasta Cauliflower Pasta Italian Italian 0.94
Italian Steak Rolls Italian Italian 0.94
Tomato-Basil Soup from Village Corner German Restaurant Deutschland German 0.93
Microwave Potatoes With Herbs Canadian Canadian 0.93
The Mayflower Inn Shepherd's Pie Irish Irish 0.93
Winter Chowder Canadian Canadian 0.93
Potatoes Nicoise (Canadian) Canadian Canadian 0.93
Zucchini Lasagna (Lasagne) - Low Carb Italian Italian 0.93