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Quick Lime & Coriander (Cilantro) Salsa

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Tasty Tuna Filling UK English 0.94
Figgie Pudding UK Welsh 0.87
Fresh and Easy Coronation Chicken Salad UK English 0.87
Old English Cheese and Crab Dip UK English 0.87
Caperberry Gravy UK English 0.85
Apples and Walnuts With Stilton Cheese UK English 0.85
Dazzling Winter Slaw - Red Cabbage, Apple and Pecan Salad UK Scottish 0.83
Bero Pancakes UK English 0.83
Sarasota's English Muffin Shrimp Pizzas UK English 0.82
Bourbon Fog UK English 0.82
All Purpose Beef Seasoning Mix UK English 0.82
Lemon Sauce UK English 0.82
Salmon and Prawns (Shrimp) With Dill and Lime Aioli UK English 0.82
Lavender Mayonnaise for Elegant Salads, Fish and Chicken UK English 0.82
Bridget Jones's Turkey Buffet Curry in a Hurry! UK Scottish 0.80
Chunky Stew and Dumplings UK English 0.80
Butter Me Up! Baked Butter Bean, Bacon and Thyme Cassoulet UK English 0.79
Grandma West Cream Fruitcake UK English 0.79
Vegan Strawberry Cream Scones With Almonds UK English 0.78
English Muffin Bread UK English 0.77
Minted Fennel UK English 0.77
Spring Asparagus, Ham and Potato Salad - Honey Mustard Dressing UK English 0.77
Leo's Turkey Meatballs UK English 0.77
Banana Surprise UK English 0.77
Savoury Cheese - Traditional British Sandwich Filler UK Scottish 0.77
The Broon's Clapshot for Burn's Night UK Scottish 0.77
Bubble and Squeak UK Welsh 0.77
Salad Slop UK English 0.77
Dad's Fruitcake UK English 0.77
Blueberry Cheesecake UK English 0.77
Honey-Mustard Chicken Pasta Salad UK English 0.77
Cool As a Cucumber! Cheese, Cucumber and Chive Sandwich Spread UK Scottish 0.77
Davy's Navy Gravy UK English 0.77
Bara Brith American Style UK Welsh 0.76
Sticky Toffee Pudding UK English 0.75
Green Pear Salad UK English 0.75
Instant Spiced Beverage Mix UK English 0.75
Christmas Carrot Pudding UK English 0.75
Ultimate Fish Batter UK English 0.75
Traditional Homemade English Oxford Sausages - Oxford Bangers! UK English 0.75
Tracey's Scottish Microwave Dumpling UK Scottish 0.75
Wild Purslane Salad With Olive Oil and Lemon Dressing UK English 0.75
Cheese Scones UK Scottish 0.75
Bruce's Prize Winning Cheese Scones UK English 0.74
Old Fashioned Lovage and Potato Soup UK Scottish 0.74
Mini Blackberry Cream Scones UK Scottish 0.74
Scottish Shortbread UK Scottish 0.73
Fairy Butter - Floral Butter With Rose or Orange Blossom Water UK English 0.73
Pwdin Watcyn Wynne (Welsh Watkin Wine Pudding) UK Welsh 0.73
Excellent Gravy for Roast Chicken UK English 0.73