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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Chickpea Flatcake With Honey Roasted Vegetables

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Arroz a La Cubana Southeast Asian Filipino 0.94
Pork in Lettuce Leaf Cups Southeast Asian Vietnamese 0.93
Souvlaki Italian Italian 0.92
Spicy Turkey Tostadas Mexican Mexican 0.92
Lamb and Green Bean Ragout Greek Greek 0.92
Patatas Bravasi Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Camarón Del Diablo Mexican Mexican 0.91
Tre's Beef Egg Rolls South American Argentine 0.91
Portuguese Greens Soup (Caldo Verde) Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.91
Tenderloin Souvlaki Skewers Greek Greek 0.90
Lemon Pesto Zucchini Bell Peppers French French 0.90
Tamari and Maple Syrup Beef on Soba Noodles South American Argentine 0.90
Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup Italian Italian 0.89
Turkish Chili Middle Eastern Turkish 0.89
Mexican Snack Cups Mexican Mexican 0.89
Cuban Stew Caribbean Cuban 0.89
Beef Stir-Fry on a Stick South American Argentine 0.89
Mandarin Beef South American Argentine 0.89
Ww 3 Points - Cuban Chicken Skewers (Mix and Match Recipe) Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.89
Bahia Shrimp South American Brazilian 0.89
Peachy Piquant Pork Bake - Oven Bake or Barbecue French French 0.89
Ground Beef-Venison Goulash South American Argentine 0.89
Crunchy Apple Beef South American Argentine 0.89
Lemon-Pesto Chicken With Artichokes (For 2) Italian Italian 0.88
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie Canadian Canadian 0.88
Jasper Lodge Voyageur Stew Canadian Canadian 0.88
"blond" Minestrone Italian Italian 0.88
Tangy Chuck Wagon Pot Roast Canadian Canadian 0.88
Italian Sausage Lentil Soup Italian Italian 0.87
Macedonian Kebabs (Kebapchinja) Greek Greek 0.87
Mrs Falafel's Satay Pate UK Welsh 0.87
Inauthentic Greek Stew Greek Greek 0.87
Pork Souvlakia Greek Greek 0.87
Lion Knees Potatoes French French 0.87
Fish Marinade for Grilling Canadian Canadian 0.87
Blarney Cakes (Family Recipe from the Emerald Isle) - Zwt-8 Irish Irish 0.87
Cabbage Soup, Asian Style Canadian Canadian 0.87
Guacamole Salad Canadian Canadian 0.87
Sausages and Peppers Italiano Italian Italian 0.87
Chicken and Chickpea Salad Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Basque Tongue Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Chicken in Beer, Jamaican " Red Stripe " Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.87
Yucatán Lime and Chicken Soup Mexican Mexican 0.87
Crispy-Fried Shallots Australian New Zealander 0.87
Creamy Pork One Pot UK English 0.87
Frieten (Belgian Fries) Belgian Belgian 0.87
Frozen French Fries French French 0.87
Diabetic Savory Beef Stew South American Argentine 0.87
Baked French Fries French French 0.87
Healthier French Fries and Budget Friendly French French 0.87