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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Sausage N' Peppers Healthy-Style!

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Basic Adobo Recipe Mexican Mexican 1.00
Fajita Mix - Gluten Free Mexican Mexican 0.99
Mexican Vinegar Mexican Mexican 0.99
Very Quick and Easy Salsa Mexican Mexican 0.99
Bernadette's Scorching Spanish Salsa Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.99
INDIAN FLOWER SAMOSA Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.98
Aloo Ka Raita (Potatoes in Yogurt) Indian Subcontinent Indian 0.98
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.98
Salsa Salad Mexican Mexican 0.98
Taco Meat - Restaurant Style Mexican Mexican 0.98
Potatoes With Green Sauce Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.98
Italian Pork Rub Italian Italian 0.98
Hot Chile Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.98
Barbecue Potato Chips Canadian Canadian 0.98
Authentic Schweinebraten German Pork Roast Bavarian Style Deutschland German 0.98
Saya’s Easy, Low Fat and Calorie, Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.98
French Beans Aalu (Beans-Potato) Indian Subcontinent Pakistani 0.97
Taco Time Mexican Mexican 0.97
Slowcookercook Chicken Tacos Mexican Mexican 0.97
Tomatillo Green Salsa for Canning Mexican Mexican 0.97
Hot Stuff! Cypriot Stuffed Aubergines and Minty Cumin Yoghurt Greek Greek 0.97
Pinchos Morunos Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.97
Creole Seasoning Canadian Canadian 0.97
Chili Powder Seasoning Blend Australian Australian 0.97
Chili Powder Seasoning Blend Mexican Mexican 0.97
Chicken and Peppers from Epirus Greek Greek 0.97
Homemade Italian Red Gravy Italian Italian 0.97
Tomatillo Pork Chili Verde Stew (Crock Pot or Slow Cooker) Mexican Mexican 0.97
Lamb Stew With Chili Sauce Mexican Mexican 0.97
Taco or Fajita Seasoning (Chipotle or Ancho) Mexican Mexican 0.97
Jamaican Spice Mixture Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.97
Greek Vegetable Bake Greek Greek 0.97
Huey's Irish Stew With a Touch of Paris Irish Irish 0.97
Gulaschsuppe Deutschland German 0.97
Quick and Easy Salsa Mexican Mexican 0.97
Brussels Sprouts à La Kefalonitissa Greek Greek 0.97
Cauliflower à La Kefalonitissa Greek Greek 0.96
Stuffed Zucchini - Chilled Canadian Canadian 0.96
My Mom's Very Popular Spaghetti Sauce Recipe Italian Italian 0.96
Pasta Sauce #1 Italian Italian 0.96
Jan's Marinara Sauce Italian Italian 0.96
Sweet and Sour Sauerkraut Deutschland German 0.96
Eggplant Salad Italian Italian 0.96
Low Carb Cauliflower Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.96
Mary's Tropical Gazpacho Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.96
San Antonio Tacos Mexican Mexican 0.96
Moussaka Inspired Sloppy Joe Greek Greek 0.96
Crock Pot Pasta Sauce Italian Italian 0.96
Summer Gazpacho Soup Italian Italian 0.96
Kielbasa Grill Packets Deutschland German 0.96