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Ultimate Roast Beef - Slow Cooker Recipe

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Tomatoey Pot-Roast Chicken UK English 0.98
Beef and Onion Pie UK English 0.96
Crock Pot Beef and Peppers South American Argentine 0.96
Crockery Pot Beef 'n' Peppers South American Argentine 0.95
Italian Sausages in Sauce Italian Italian 0.95
German Steak Roll Deutschland German 0.94
Italian Venison Italian Italian 0.93
Italian Soup With Dill Italian Italian 0.92
Spanish Sopa De Ajo Garlic Soup Recipe Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.92
Kate's Spicy Sausage Tortellini Soup Italian Italian 0.92
Italian Knife-And-Fork Soup Italian Italian 0.91
Crock Pot Italian Chicken Australian Australian 0.91
So Simple Chili Con Carne Australian New Zealander 0.91
Camp Oven Bake Australian Australian 0.91
Sweet Italian Sausage and Potatoes Italian Italian 0.91
Corn Beef Hash Patties South American Argentine 0.91
Stuffed Tomatoes With Smoked Chicken and Tabouli - Diabetic Greek Greek 0.91
Old Fashioned Beef Stew for Crockpot South American Argentine 0.91
Family Time Vegetable Soup Eastern European Polish 0.91
Caldo Gallego Estilo Cubano - Galician Soup Cuban Style Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Ham & Swiss Boli Deutschland Swiss 0.91
Italian Spaghetti Sauce With Sausage and Meatballs Italian Italian 0.91
Ham and Swiss Potato Rosti Deutschland Swiss 0.91
Spanish Chicken with Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Bob’s Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup Italian Italian 0.90
Sausage and Peppers in the Oven Italian Italian 0.90
Slow Cooker Beef and Bean Chili South American Argentine 0.90
Simply Chili Con Carne #5FIX Mexican Mexican 0.90
Nacho Grande Casserole Mexican Mexican 0.90
Roast Beef Cottage Pie South American Argentine 0.90
Salsa Chicken Ala Pat Mexican Mexican 0.90
Tinga Mexican Mexican 0.90
Spicy Brussels Sprouts Italian Italian 0.90
Beef Tenderloin With Roast Shallots , Bacon and Port South American Argentine 0.90
Boursin Parisian Panini French French 0.90
Feta Beef Roll 'em Ups South American Argentine 0.90
Zesty Italian Chicken Skillet Italian Italian 0.90
One Pot Spanish Chicken and Rice Spanish and Portuguese Portuguese 0.90
Uk Quick Chicken Casserole UK English 0.90
Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup South American Argentine 0.90
Meat and Spinach Cannelloni Italian Italian 0.90
Herby Sheep Burgers UK English 0.90
Sausage, Bacon and Tomato Cottage Pie UK English 0.90
Italian Greens and Beans With Sausage Variation Italian Italian 0.90
Basque Chicken (Poulet Basquaise) French French 0.90
Italian Sausage, Pepper and Potato Meal Italian Italian 0.90
Kielbasa & Sauerkraut Eastern European Czech 0.90
Sausage and Spinach Tortellini Soup Italian Italian 0.90
Cowboy Potato Rounds Canadian Canadian 0.90
Marie's Italian Sausage Casserole (One Pot Meal) Italian Italian 0.90