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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Mike Hoffman's Roast Beef Roll-ups

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Skinny Sour Cream Enchildas Mexican Mexican 0.97
Three-Pepper Galette French French 0.95
Light & Creamy Chicken Enchiladas Mexican Mexican 0.95
Watercress Soup Australian New Zealander 0.95
Italian Chicken Sandwich Italian Italian 0.95
Greek Salad Pizza #RSC Greek Greek 0.94
"greek" Nachos Greek Greek 0.94
Beef and Bean Chimichangas South American Argentine 0.94
Tuscan Grill Panini Italian Italian 0.94
Italian Bagel Sandwich Italian Italian 0.94
Stuffed Greek Chicken Wraps Greek Greek 0.94
Lancashire Hot Pot UK English 0.94
Presidential Corned Beef Irish Irish 0.94
Italian (Turkey) Sausage Soup Italian Italian 0.94
Winter Chowder Canadian Canadian 0.94
Italian Vegetable Melt Italian Italian 0.94
Suzie's Macaroni Pie Canadian Canadian 0.93
Swiss Cheese and Spinach Pinwheels Deutschland Swiss 0.93
Italian Salad Pizza Italian Italian 0.93
Greek Tacos Greek Greek 0.93
Ham, Swiss and Red Onion English Muffin Melt Deutschland Swiss 0.93
Nachos Italiano Italian Italian 0.92
Beef Salad Pocket Sandwiches Italian Italian 0.92
Canapes with Savory Onion Spread Deutschland German 0.92
Asparagus and Parmesan Puddings Italian Italian 0.92
Egg in a Glass Eastern European Czech 0.92
Parmesan Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Italian Italian 0.92
Quiche Con Patata (Spanish Inspired Quiche) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.92
Zippy Calzones Italian Italian 0.92
Italian Sausage Sandwiches Italian Italian 0.92
Broccoli and Cheese Breakfast Melts Canadian Canadian 0.92
German SPAM Casserole Deutschland German 0.92
Macaroni and Cheese With Ham Canadian Canadian 0.92
Easy Cheese and Onion Slice UK English 0.92
Swiss Chard Ribs in Cream Sauce Deutschland Swiss 0.91
Baked Eggplant With Tomato Sauce and Three Cheeses Italian Italian 0.91
Baked Pasta with Zucchini and Mozzarella Italian Italian 0.91
Chief's Special Italian Italian 0.91
Italian Stuffed Zucchini Boats Italian Italian 0.91
Polish Pockets - Pitas Eastern European Polish 0.91
Crustless tomato Quiche Canadian Canadian 0.91
Curried Green Tomato Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.91
Buca Di Beppo Bruschetta Salvatore Italian Italian 0.91
Bacon and Cabbage Irish Irish 0.91
Sour Cream Hearty Tomato Basil Soup Italian Italian 0.91
Italian Tomato Onion Quiche Italian Italian 0.91
German Ham-Swisser Sandwich Deutschland German 0.90
Carrot Soup(Pureed)with Sesame Seeds and Chives Canadian Canadian 0.90
Beer and Cheese Potato Chowder (Crock Pot) Irish Irish 0.90
Accidental Veggie Tortilla Pizza Canadian Canadian 0.90