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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Canard a l'Orange Super Facile (Super Easy Duck a l'Orange)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Chop Suey Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.96
Italian Lamb With Corn Salad Italian Italian 0.96
Zinggggggy Chicken Wings Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.93
Apricot and Cinnamon Kasha Middle Eastern Rest Middle Eastern 0.93
Turkish Lamb Chops Middle Eastern Turkish 0.93
Pork Souvlaki Greek Greek 0.93
Mustard-Grilled Italian Sausage Sandwiches Italian Italian 0.93
Chicken Almond Guy Ding Chinese and Mongolian Chinese 0.93
Autumn Chicken Stew Rest Africa Nigerian 0.91
Tamal En Casuela: Cuban Tamale Soup Caribbean Cuban 0.89
Spicy Sesame Orange Ginger Beef South American Argentine 0.89
Polynesian Roast Beef for Crock Pot South American Argentine 0.89
Spinach Strauss Salad with Gooseneck Dressing Canadian Canadian 0.88
Maple Syrup Glazed Ham - Jambon Glacé a L ' Érable Canadian Canadian 0.88
Fish Cakes Canadian Canadian 0.88
Potato-Corn Latkes Eastern European Polish 0.87
Turkey and Wensleydale Soup UK English 0.87
Sunday Pork Roast in a Dutch Oven Belgian Dutch 0.87
Pierogies With Kielbasa and Cabbage Eastern European Czech 0.87
Apple Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.87
Roast Chicken With Plantains and Onions Canadian Canadian 0.87
Stir Fry- Chicken With Lemon Mushroom Ginger Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.87
Sunday Dinner Savory Pot Roast Beef South American Argentine 0.87
Pan-Fried Lemon-Ricotta Gnocchi Italian Italian 0.86
Citrus Chicken Pasta Italian Italian 0.86
Canadian Bacon Stack-Ups Canadian Canadian 0.86
Raspberry Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.86
Adi's Shepherd's Pie Canadian Canadian 0.86
Don-Don Noodle Soup Canadian Canadian 0.86
Apple-Glazed Pork Roast with Sauerkraut Deutschland German 0.86
Meaty Potato Pancakes Canadian Canadian 0.85
Crock Pot Seven Layer Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.85
A Perfect Eye of Round Roast Beef South American Argentine 0.85
Spicy Hoisin Beef South American Argentine 0.85
Easy Pumpkin-Maple Breakfast Souffles French French 0.85
Pork With Leek and Plums Greek Greek 0.85
Greek Chips With Egg (Patates Me Avga) Greek Greek 0.85
Rolladen South American Argentine 0.85
Lemon Infused Buttered Brussels Sprouts W- Crisp Peppered Bacon UK Scottish 0.85
Swiss Steak in the Crock Pot for Two Deutschland Swiss 0.85
Plum Chops UK English 0.85
Elizabethan Chicken UK English 0.85
Easy Lemon Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.85
Grilled Italian Sausage With Sweet and Sour Peppers Italian Italian 0.85
Easy Baked Glazed Corned Beef Irish Irish 0.85
Citrus & Spice Marcona Almonds Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.85
Brussels Sprouts Ala Rachael Ray's Way Canadian Canadian 0.85
Roast Chicken With Italian Seasonings Italian Italian 0.85
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Breasts Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.85