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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Crock-Pot Beef Roast

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Beef Roll-Em-Ups South American Argentine 0.96
Rosti with Sausage and Onion Scandinavian Swedish 0.94
French Vegetable Soup French French 0.93
Canuck Sweet and Sour Stew Canadian Canadian 0.93
Audrey's Favorite Beef Stew South American Argentine 0.93
Native American Casserole Central American Honduran 0.92
Golabki (Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls) (Vegetarian Version) Eastern European Polish 0.92
Canadian Bacon Potato Soup Canadian Canadian 0.92
SPANISH RICE HAMBURGER MEDLEY Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.92
Gipsy Sauce (Zigeunersauce) Deutschland German 0.92
PIEROGIE CASSEROLE (WONDERFUL) Eastern European Polish 0.92
Mustard Braised Sausage & Potato Skillet Deutschland German 0.92
Italian Tortellini-Vegetable Salad Italian Italian 0.91
German Casserole Deutschland German 0.91
Bloemkool Met Versche Wurst - Cauliflower With Sausage Belgian Dutch 0.91
Hamburger Quickie Canadian Canadian 0.91
Braised Steak with Peppers Canadian Canadian 0.90
Hamburger Macaroni Crock Pot Soup Canadian Canadian 0.90
Sauteed Shrimp with Chilled Gazpacho & Radish Salad Canadian Canadian 0.90
Lima Bean Meatless Chili Canadian Canadian 0.90
Sneaky and Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce Italian Italian 0.90
Sausages With Hot Dip Sauce Canadian Canadian 0.90
Sausage & Peppers Etc: 2 Quick Meals Italian Italian 0.90
Mini Mexican Sliders French French 0.89
Pasta Salad Vinaigrette Italian Italian 0.89
Kraut, Sausage, & Spuds #5FIX Deutschland German 0.89
Zesty Italian Chicken Thighs Italian Italian 0.89
Halusky and Potato Dumplings-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Eastern European Polish 0.89
Down Home Beef Stew Canadian Canadian 0.89
Basa Fillet With Cajun Veggies Canadian Canadian 0.89
Kraut Kuchen Deutschland German 0.88
Flour Shake and Bake for Chicken Canadian Canadian 0.88
Calamares a La Vinagreta (Calamari in Vinaigrette) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Grandma's Italian Spaghetti Sauce Italian Italian 0.88
Jauhelihapihvit Keitto (Finnish Hamburger Soup, Also Moijakka) Scandinavian Finnish 0.88
Feta Cheeseburger for 1 Canadian Canadian 0.88
Barbecue Style Spanish Rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.87
Hot and Fast German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.87
Fake Coffee (Coffee Substitute) Canadian Canadian 0.87
My Cottage Pie (A.k.a. Shepherd's Pie) Canadian Canadian 0.87
Marinated Artichoke Salad Italian Italian 0.87
Cabbage and Bratwurst Deutschland German 0.87
corned beef and cabbage Irish Irish 0.87
Margaret's Milder Tasting Sauerkraut Deutschland German 0.87
Chicken Döner Kebab Deutschland German 0.87
Absolutely Fabulous Roasted Vegetetables Italian Italian 0.86
Zucchini Salsa, Canned Canadian Canadian 0.86
New Potato Salad Scandinavian Swedish 0.86
Grandma Byrd's German Potato Salad Deutschland German 0.86
Willy's Sauerkraut Skillet Deutschland German 0.86