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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Uncle Bill's Russian-Doukhobour Borscht

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
French Vegetable Soup French French 0.99
Doukhobor Borshch Eastern European Russian 0.98
Lentil Pie UK English 0.98
Yellowsplit Pea Puree Deutschland German 0.98
Potatoes Again Canadian Canadian 0.98
Cauliflower and Broccoli with Mustard, Chive and Lemon Irish Irish 0.98
Pizza Stuffed Pizza Italian Italian 0.97
Irish Pub Pasties(Vegetarian) Irish Irish 0.97
Stuffed Head Lettuce Canadian Canadian 0.97
Potato & Sauerkraut Bake Eastern European Polish 0.97
Italian Eggplant, Zucchini and Tomato Casserole Italian Italian 0.97
Cottage Lunch Salad Canadian Canadian 0.97
Ballindalloch Haggis Mousselines With a Whisky, Cream and Onion UK Scottish 0.97
Slow Cooker Italian Shredded Beef Hoagies Italian Italian 0.96
Cucumber Ragou Deutschland German 0.96
Old World Tomato Marinara Sauce Italian Italian 0.96
Farmhouse Vegetable Soup Irish Irish 0.96
Irish Vegetarian Colcannon Irish Irish 0.96
Simple, Delicious Chicken Dinner Canadian Canadian 0.96
Gammon With Irish-Style Mash Irish Irish 0.96
Italian Sausage and Pepper Pie Italian Italian 0.96
Dutch Potatoes Belgian Dutch 0.96
Tortilla De Espinaca Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.95
Crock Pot Italian Sloppy Joes Italian Italian 0.95
Lobster-tomato Stew Italian Italian 0.95
Firenze In Padella Italian Italian 0.95
Summer Vegetable Casserole Italian Italian 0.95
Pyttipanna (Swedish Fry) Scandinavian Swedish 0.95
Summer Veggie Pizza Buns Canadian Canadian 0.95
Spicy Garlic Pot Roast Canadian Canadian 0.95
Seal Stew (Quallunaatitut) Canadian Canadian 0.95
Bubble & Squeak Irish Irish 0.95
PEI Potato and Tomato Scallop Canadian Canadian 0.95
Mom's Sauerkraut Eastern European Polish 0.95
Roasted Fresh Vegetable Medley Canadian Canadian 0.95
La Ribollita Italian Italian 0.95
Savory Cream of Corn Soup Deutschland Swiss 0.95
Traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage Irish Irish 0.95
" Me Own " Colcannon With Ham Irish Irish 0.95
Baked Leek and Tomato Canadian Canadian 0.95
Canadian Bacon Potato Soup Canadian Canadian 0.95
Sauerkraut Pierogi Filling Eastern European Polish 0.95
Potato-Balls-Kartoffelkloesse (pronounced "Kleasa") Deutschland German 0.95
Canadian Flags on the Beach Canadian Canadian 0.95
Hash Browns Canadian Canadian 0.95
Low Carb Low Fat Zoodle Bolognese (Zucchini Noodles) Italian Italian 0.95
Filet of Sole With Spinach & Tomatoes Canadian Canadian 0.94
Red Cauliflower and Broccoli Canadian Canadian 0.94
Fried Potatoes With Vegetables Deutschland German 0.94
Sauerkraut Stuffed Bell Peppers Deutschland German 0.94