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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Scottish Steak and Ale over Bleu Cheese Potatoes

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Sicilian Linguini With Peppers and Onions Italian Italian 0.98
Baked Ziti With Tomato, Mozzarella and Sausage Italian Italian 0.94
Penne Amatriciana Italian Italian 0.93
Italian Sausage Rigatoni and Peppers Italian Italian 0.93
Frugal Gourmet's Beer and Cheese Soup Irish Irish 0.93
Quick Bolognese Sauce Italian Italian 0.93
Penne & Sausages a La Vodka Italian Italian 0.92
Mike's New England Chicken, Italian Sausage and Garden Green Pep Italian Italian 0.92
My Italian Stir-Fry Italian Italian 0.91
Like Romano's Macaroni Grill Tuscan Chicken Italian Italian 0.91
Tasty Italian Beef and Pasta Italian Italian 0.91
Mom's Ground Lamb- Carrot Balls Canadian Canadian 0.91
Paella With Chicken, Zucchini and Rosemary Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.91
Beef in Ale With Cheese Cobbler Irish Irish 0.90
Rice Fritta Italian Italian 0.90
Penne With Italian Sausage, Tomato and Herbs Italian Italian 0.90
Saffron Risotto Italian Italian 0.90
Cottage Pie (authentic Irish recipe) Irish Irish 0.90
Put It Together in 15 Minutes Lasagna Italian Italian 0.90
Beef Casserole With Horseradish (Oamc) Make Ahead UK English 0.90
This Napoleon Rules! French French 0.90
Zucchini and Sausage Milano Italian Italian 0.90
Chicken Sauté With White Wine and Tomatoes French French 0.90
Schweinebraten - German Style Roast Pork Eastern European Czech 0.90
Beer and Beef Crock Pot Irish Irish 0.90
Roasted Red Pepper - Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Breasts Canadian Canadian 0.90
Quick & EZ Spanish rice Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Country Chicken Casserole Pie Canadian Canadian 0.89
Bistro Onion Soup With Leeks Canadian Canadian 0.89
Carrabba's Cavatappi Amatriciana (Side Dish Pasta) Italian Italian 0.89
Lasagna Ham Roll-Ups Canadian Canadian 0.89
Italian Risotto With Shrimp (Microwave) Italian Italian 0.89
Lemon Risotto With Grilled Tiger Shrimp Canadian Canadian 0.88
Trailer Trash Macaroni Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.88
Cream of Chanterelle Soup Canadian Canadian 0.88
Italian Tomato Sausage Ragu With Penne Italian Italian 0.88
Irish Beef Stew Irish Irish 0.88
Italian Pasta and Sausage Dinner Italian Italian 0.88
Garlic and 3 Colour Pepper Risotto Italian Italian 0.88
Veggie Spaghetti Canadian Canadian 0.88
Bow Ties With Chicken and Spinach Italian Italian 0.88
German Pot Roast (Eye of Round) Deutschland German 0.88
Grandda's Irish Potato Soup Irish Irish 0.88
Ragu (Oamc) Italian Italian 0.88
Rigatoni With Beef Ragu (ATK) Italian Italian 0.88
Bolognese Sauce - Probably the Best Outside of Italy Italian Italian 0.88
Best Eggplant (Aubergine) Lasagna Italian Italian 0.88
Cheese Tortellini and Italian Sausage Soup Italian Italian 0.88
Fairmont Seafood Chowder Canadian Canadian 0.88
Grilled Steak - Greek style Canadian Canadian 0.88