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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Hot-Sweet No Tomato Salsa

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Simple Avocado-Mango Salsa Mexican Mexican 0.98
Mango-Jicama Salsa Mexican Mexican 0.97
Tomato Orange Salsa Australian Australian 0.97
Healthy Fresh Guacamole Mexican Mexican 0.97
Tomatillo Guacamole Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.97
Avocado-Tomatillo Taco Truck Sauce Mexican Mexican 0.97
Jicama With Orange, Cucumber, Mango, Red Chile & Lime Mexican Mexican 0.95
Pineapple, Mango & Cucumber Salsa Mexican Mexican 0.95
Tasty Guacamole Canadian Canadian 0.95
Fresh Fruit Salsa Canadian Canadian 0.95
Border Guacamole Mexican Mexican 0.94
Guadalupe's Guacamole Mexican Mexican 0.94
Tomatillo Guacamole Mexican Mexican 0.94
Orange Habanero Salsa Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.94
Mango Salsa Mexican Mexican 0.94
California Guacamole--Diabetic Diet Mexican Mexican 0.94
Radish and Avocado Salad - Mexico Mexican Mexican 0.94
Healthy Pineapple-Mango Salsa Mexican Mexican 0.94
Guacamole Salad Mexican Mexican 0.94
Naked Guacamole Mexican Mexican 0.94
Thai Butternut Squash Soup UK English 0.94
Lemon Parsley Fish With Greek Salad Greek Greek 0.94
Green Salad Aka French French French 0.94
Spanish Rub Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Spanish Chile Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.94
Pineapple Salsa Canadian Canadian 0.94
Turnip and Pear Soup Scandinavian Swedish 0.93
Not-So-Sour Kraut Eastern European Polish 0.93
Hazelnut Lemon Salsa Mexican Mexican 0.93
AIP Breakfast Tapioca Porridge Italian Italian 0.93
Baked Fish, Spanish Style Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.93
Sweet Brown Pickle UK Scottish 0.93
Branston Pickle UK Scottish 0.92
Italian Brochettes with Angel Hair Pasta Italian Italian 0.92
Crock Pot Italian Zucchini Italian Italian 0.92
Coleslaw With Apples & Dried Cranberries Canadian Canadian 0.92
Veggie Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.92
Radish Central American Guatemalan 0.92
Yummy Mango Salsa Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.92
Green Salad With Asparagus and Peas Scandinavian Swedish 0.92
Apple Beet & Red Cabbage Salad Scandinavian Swedish 0.92
Orange Glazed Corned Beef Irish Irish 0.92
Pork & Ham Roast Marinade Canadian Canadian 0.92
Grilled Summer Veggies Canadian Canadian 0.92
Avocado Relish Mexican Mexican 0.92
Simple Papaya Salsa Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.92
Mango Salsa Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.91
Guacamole (Barefoot Contessa) Ina Garten Mexican Mexican 0.91
Pumpkin Soup Australian Australian 0.91
Lamb Baked in Packages Greek Greek 0.91