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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Heirloom Meat Pie

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Polish Sausage Casserole Eastern European Polish 0.98
Potage Crécy (French Carrot Soup) French French 0.97
Ham & Leek Cannelloni Italian Italian 0.97
Scalloped Carrots and Cheese Canadian Canadian 0.97
Potato, Leek and Onion Soup Irish Irish 0.97
Chunky Potato Cheddar Soup With Canadian Bacon Canadian Canadian 0.97
Sauerkraut Chowder Deutschland German 0.96
Vichyssoise Cream of Leek Canadian Canadian 0.96
Polish Pockets - Pitas Eastern European Polish 0.95
Savory Spinach & Broccoli Quiche French French 0.95
Swedish Wiener Dish (Svensk Pølseret) Scandinavian Swedish 0.95
Sourdough Strata With Tomatoes and Spinach Italian Italian 0.95
Gougere (Hearty Cheesy Bread) Canadian Canadian 0.95
Shir-Will Chicken Delight (Microwave) Canadian Canadian 0.95
Fridge Cleaner Chowder Canadian Canadian 0.95
German Holiday Strudel With Mustard Sauce Deutschland German 0.95
Creamed Cabbage and Carrots Irish Irish 0.95
Champit Tatties: Scottish Mashed Potatoes Irish Irish 0.95
Paprika Huhn (Chicken in Paprika Sauce). Deutschland German 0.95
Cream of Cauliflower Soup Canadian Canadian 0.95
Rumbledthumps Irish Irish 0.94
German Sausage Chowder Deutschland German 0.94
Celtic Cookery Colcannon Irish Irish 0.94
Leek and Potato Soup Irish Irish 0.94
Pink Potatoes Deutschland German 0.94
Irish Cream of Asparagus Soup Irish Irish 0.94
Broccoli Puree Italian Italian 0.94
Italian Sausage and Rice Bake Italian Italian 0.94
Boxty Irish Irish 0.93
Grandma Sayler's Potato Soup Deutschland German 0.93
Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwiches Irish Irish 0.93
Asparagus With Scrambled Eggs Italian Italian 0.93
SOUR CUCUMBER SOUP (Zupa Ogorkowa) Eastern European Polish 0.93
Potatoes Perfect Canadian Canadian 0.93
Impossible Broccoli Pie Canadian Canadian 0.93
Quick Italian Meatball Soup Italian Italian 0.93
Suzie's Macaroni Pie Canadian Canadian 0.92
Mashed Potatoes and Root Vegetables Canadian Canadian 0.92
Blarney Breakfast Bake Irish Irish 0.92
Chicken Asparagus Pie Canadian Canadian 0.92
Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheddar Gratin Canadian Canadian 0.92
Root Soup W-Blue Cheese Irish Irish 0.92
Pierogi Casserole Eastern European Czech 0.92
Asparagus and Parmesan Puddings Italian Italian 0.92
Potato-Balls II - Kartoffelkloesse (pronounced Kleasa) Deutschland German 0.92
Bierochen (German Cabbage Burgers) Deutschland German 0.92
Twice Baked Cabbage and Corned Beef Potatoes Irish Irish 0.92
Baked Ziti With Spinach Italian Italian 0.92
Corned Beef and Cabbage Bake Irish Irish 0.92
Potatoes Baked with Eggs and Cream Eastern European Polish 0.92