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By category composition, top 50 recipes similar to:

Black Russian (Grilled Cheese)

Recipe Title Region Country Similarity Index
Kangaroo Burgers Australian Australian 0.95
Egyptian Chicken Panne (Breaded Fried Chicken Breasts) Rest Africa Nigerian 0.95
Russian Potato Pancakes Eastern European Russian 0.94
Grilled Skirt Steak Soft Tacos Mexican Mexican 0.94
Mexican Milanese Style Sandwiches ("tortas") Mexican Mexican 0.94
Chicken in Beer, Jamaican " Red Stripe " Caribbean Rest Caribbean 0.94
Yucatán Lime and Chicken Soup Mexican Mexican 0.94
Beef & Pesto Ragu Italian Italian 0.94
Special Scottish Swede Irish Irish 0.94
Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut With Apples. Eastern European Polish 0.90
Baked Pork Sausages With Potatoes and Tomatoes Italian Italian 0.90
Crab Cakes With Strawberry Salsa Canadian Canadian 0.89
Peruvian Sauteed Beef Tenderloin (Lomo Saltado) South American Argentine 0.89
Greek Boiled Eggs With Lemon-Oil Sauce over Greens Greek Greek 0.89
Lemon Chicken Pita Burgers With Spiced Yogurt Sauce Greek Greek 0.89
Cholera Pie (Swiss Alpine Bacon, Potatoes & Apple Pie ) Deutschland Swiss 0.89
Plum Chops UK English 0.89
On Sale Soup South American Argentine 0.89
Pork and Black Pudding 'Koftas' UK English 0.89
Chorizo & Quail Eggs Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Migas Con Huevos Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Baked Spanish Spinach Balls in Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce (Albond Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Tortilla De Patatas for 2 Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.89
Beer Brats With Onions and Peppers Deutschland German 0.88
Beef and Mango Fajitas South American Argentine 0.88
Roast Beef Hash South American Argentine 0.88
Mushroom Swiss Steak Deutschland Swiss 0.88
Sausage and Potato Surprise Italian Italian 0.88
Potato Spanish Tortilla (Tapas) Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.88
Italian Hot Dogs #SP5 Italian Italian 0.88
Blending Buccatini Italian Italian 0.88
Italian Shepherd's Pie (Italian Pate Chinois) Italian Italian 0.87
Sausage & Sauerkraut Eastern European Polish 0.87
Fregola With Asparagus, Tomatoes and Arugula Italian Italian 0.87
Totally Tender Tomato Meatloaf Canadian Canadian 0.87
Oktoberfest Stoup Deutschland German 0.87
Potato Mush Deutschland German 0.87
Frikadellen (German Meat Patties) Deutschland German 0.87
Pepper Chicken Piccata Italian Italian 0.86
Meat Pie Canadian Canadian 0.86
Fabulous Stuffed Italian Zucchini Italian Italian 0.86
Chicken Pizza Primavera Italian Italian 0.86
Creamy Melon Gazpacho Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.86
Red Pepper and Cheese Couscous Cake Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 0.86
Oktoberfest Sausage Dinner Deutschland German 0.86
Zucchini and Green Pepper Casserole Canadian Canadian 0.84
Sauerkraut and Noodles Deutschland German 0.84
Leafy Green Strudel Canadian Canadian 0.84
Beef and Brie Triple Layer Sandwich South American Argentine 0.84
Squash Ground Beef and Cheese Skillet South American Argentine 0.84